🚗 After Tesla Model 3 it will be Model Y’s turn: designers with 3D design for the next Tesla refresh

🚗 Tesla Model 3 got a refresh, and now it’s the Model Y’s turn! 😃

Back in November 2022, Reuters predicted this Model 3 update, and it turned out to be true. The changes focus on the interior, making it more like the fancier Model S and Model X. They added a screen for rear passengers and got rid of the levers on the steering wheel.

Now, the Model Y is up next, and it’s codenamed “Juniper.” 🌲 A freelance designer got creative and shared 3D designs based on the updated Model 3, giving us a sneak peek of what the refreshed Model Y might look like.

The new design features a sleeker front with slim headlights, inspired by the Model 3. From the back, you might not notice many changes unless you look closely. The goal seems to be making improvements without major disruptions to production. Tesla aims to start producing this refreshed Model Y in October 2024. 🗓️🚗

It’s exciting to see Tesla continuing to innovate and improve its popular models!


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