🚗 Tesla Hits 5 Millionth Car Milestone in Shanghai

🚗 Tesla Hits 5 Millionth Car Milestone in Shanghai 🎉

Tesla, the electric car company founded in 2003, celebrated a huge achievement as their 5 millionth car rolled off the production line. 🥳

Tesla Hits 5 Millionth Car Milestone

The 5 millionth car, a white Model 3 sedan, was produced at Tesla’s Giga Shanghai plant on September 17, as announced on Weibo.

Here’s how fast Tesla reached these milestones:

  • 12 years for the first million cars 📆
  • Just 18 months for the second million 🚀
  • A shorter 11 months for the third million 🏎️
  • 7 months for the fourth million 🌟
  • And finally, only 6 months for the 5 millionth! 🎯

Tesla’s Shanghai factory, which started in 2019, is a significant part of their production. It began delivering Model 3s in 2020 and Model Y crossovers in 2021.

Notably, Tesla’s new Model 3 is on pre-sale in China, with prices starting at RMB 259,900. The new version offers various options and features. 🚘

In August, Tesla sold 84,159 vehicles made in Shanghai, with a majority sold in China. The Model Y SUV was especially popular, with 51,117 units sold. The Model 3 also had a strong showing at 13,577 units.

Tesla’s journey in China continues to speed ahead! 🇨🇳💨

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