10 things to know about the Aptera Solar-powered electric car(SPEC) – dolphin’s belly design strucuture

10 things to know about the Aptera Solar-powered electric car, with instant acceleration, decent torque, lightweight, and covering up to 1,000 miles on a single ride.

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 10 things to know about the Aptera Solar-powered electric car
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In this guide, I will cover all the aspects of an Aptera Solar-powered electric car with my personal experience and my knowledge.

Highlights Aptera Solar-powered electric car

  • It has a dolphin’s belly structure.
  • Lightweight Composite Materials
  • Aptera offers Advanced Motors
  • It is more aerodynamic & most efficient than Tesla Model 3 & Toyota Corolla.
  • Solar Recharging Capabilities
  • drag coefficient (CD) of only 0.13
  • Aptera three-wheeler car reduces friction that has been lost during a ride on the ground.

Aptera Motor is U-S based startup established in 2005, in Carlsbad, California, United States, the Aptera is the world’s first solar-powered electric vehicles company that required no charging for most daily use and gives customers the freedom to do more with less impact on the planet.

Specification of Aptera Solar-powered electric car

Battery Range250-1,000 miles
Acceleration0-60mph in 3.5-5.5 sec
Drive System100kw – FWD
150kw – AWD
Daily Solar Charge Capacity16-40 miles
Exterior Colors1. Luna Silver
2. Sol White
3. Sol White
4. Custom (+ $1,500)
Interior Colors1. Coast
2. Codex
3. Vida
4.Custom (+ $900)

Aptera has a famous Quote ” we doing the impossible things that no other automaker has been brave enough to do “, Aptera proves this quote and build high performance solar electric car that delivers 1,000 miles of range on a single charge, many people reverse Aptera last 3 month ago.

Let’s start with a new concept of solar-powered electric cars, as you know the EV market drastically increasing day by day in the market but every company needs to set up charging stations for its EV, to overcome this problem Aptera launch a solar car that gives a customer freedom to charge EV one time not charge it on regular basis.

Here is the video that CNET uploaded on youtube

Aptera Electric Car: My First Ride in a Solar EV! 

3 months ago, Aptera Motor confirms that it received 22,000 reservations for its Aptera solar car, Aptera generates around $800,000,000 orders(only charges $100 for deposit amount), which delivers up to 1,000 miles of range on a single charge, is extremely lightweight, has more aerodynamic, and drag coefficient (CD) of only 0.13.

The select range for your battery

  • 250 Miles for $25,900
  • 400 Miles for $29,800
  • 600 Miles for $34,600
  • 1,000 Miles for $44,900

Aptera takes a second chance to create a futuristic solar car, In 2006 Aptera reveals its first prototype with the aim to bring revolution to the market and to launch the first three-wheeler Solar-Powered Electric Car which does not require regular charging.

10 things to know about the Aptera Solar-powered electric car

Cofounder steve said at the launch that our aim is to build three wheeler solar electric car which is extremely lightweight & delivers 1,000 miles of range on a single ride with a drag coefficient (CD) of only 0.13.

Select Solar power for your Aptera

Solar Roof + DashIncluded
Solar Hood+ $300
Solar Rear Hatch+ $600
Solar Rear Hatch+ $600

Last year, Aptera also received $4 million in funding & 7,000 people pre-order the Aptera Solar car.

Here is the video posted by Aptera on Youtube – check it out

Apter also provides options to select a user-based configuration, if the battery pack extends the range of 1,000 miles you are able to pay $44,900 if you extend it to 600 miles you have to pay $31,000 & for 400 miles you only pay $29,800. you can choose as per your requirements.

Aptera offers both FWD & AWD, for 100kw with FWD(Front-wheel-drive) & 150kw AWD(All-wheel-drive) powertrain.

10 things to know about the Aptera Solar-powered electric car

let’s discuss Aptera’s design from both exterior, as well as interior Aptera, has a futuristic design with a sliver cut combination and is more aerodynamic, uses Lightweight Composite Materials, a Skin Cooling System, and Advanced Motors.

Eliminate the worry of finding charging stations. Aptera’s unique diamond shaped solar panels maximize the energy you get from the sun. This gives fully equipped vehicles 700 Watts of continuous charging power — whether you’re driving or parked.


Book Aptera today from Aptera’s official website.

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