143+ range, X-OTO 3-wheeled electric motorcycle launched in the US

Today X-OTO 3-wheeled electric motorcycle was launched in the US, this is the most awaited electric scooter many users are waiting for this because this is considered the safest and most stable electric scooter.


This electric scooter consists of a three-wheeler that makes it safer, it uses a patented tilting system that can tilt the scooter upto 45degrees, this scooter offers both stability and versatility in operations.

This scooter uses a self-stabilizing mechanism that offers easy riding, this scooter is not requiring a license in California because of its three wheels, but in other states like the US, it has some specific regulations or needs a license to acquire this scooter if still has three wheels.

As you know this scooter is famous for its safety, that’s why the brand add a leaning mechanism to this scooter which gives stability in a turn at lower speed, means you can lean at full range.


But overall this three-wheel X-OTO scooter is more safer than other two-wheel scooters.

when talking about its specification this scooter comes with a 4,000 W of front hub motor which is due to three wheels design structure. this scooter has 72km/h of top speed which is suitable for urban commutes.

Also, this scooter has two removable battery packs of 2.15 KWH, a total of 4.3 KWH at normal speed, the batteries can be removed for charging or charged directly through the scooter.


In terms of price, the brand launched the X-OTO Founder’s edition model with starting price of $7,499. this is quite higher than its existing models. but its innovative learning features will increase its demand in California and as well as united states. the earlier delivery of X-oto is expected to be later this summer.

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