18 Cities Where Ola electric experience centers are available

18 Cities Where Ola electric experience centers are available

In this guide I will cover the cities where ola electric experience centres are available near you, this will help you find out the best showroom.

As you know, to date ola electric has launched 3 electric scooters in the Indian market -Ola S1, Ola S1 pro, and the newly launched Ola S1 Air and introduced its 5 new bikes which will launch soon in the Indian market, no exact date is reveal.

Here is a list of all the Experience centers of ola electric in India with Locations

  1. Ola Experience Centre in Pune
  2. Ola Experience Centre in Indore
  3. Ola Experience Centre in Delhi
  4. Ola Experience Centre in Chennai
  5. Ola Experience Centre in Chandigarh
  6. Ola Experience Centre in Kolhapur
  7. Ola Experience Centre in Thrissur
  8. Ola Experience Centre in Mangalore
  9. Ola Experience Centre in Belgaum
  10. Ola Experience Centre in Chittoor
  11. Ola Experience Centre in Trivandrum
  12. Ola Experience Centre in Kochi
  13. Ola Experience Centre in Lucknow
  14. Ola Experience Centre in Nashik
  15. Ola Experience Centre in Udaipur
  16. Ola Experience Centre in Jamnagar
  17. Ola Experience Centre in Jaipur
  18. Ola Experience Centre in East Godavari

Ola S1 Air Pictorial Review: Most Affordable Better Value?

“Ola S1 Air Pictorial Review: Most Affordable Better Value?”, Ola Cabs is an Indian multinational ridesharing company and Ola is a giant Ev manufacturer of electric two-wheeler, it has successfully launched its two E-scooter Ola s1 & Ola s1 pro in India as well as out of India, with the same concept ola launch its new sibling ola s1 Air which is upgradation variant of both ola scooters, this model is most affordable right now in the market, so let decide and compute Is Ola s1 Air is worth it or not?

Highlights of Ola s1 Air

  • Ola S1 Air has a 101km of ARAI-certified range.
  • Air has 85km/h of top speed.
  • Ola offers a limited introductory price of 87,999(valid for this week only).
  • It has an instant acceleration of 4.3 seconds.

Ola upgradation in design language

let us discuss some design language upgradation that ola had made in its s1 Air.

  1. Ola upgrades the Grad handle with a new one which has decent quality and with a unique look.
  2. Ola also updates its seat with a sculpted seat which is more comfortable and may not feel tied while long riding because ola uses a premium quality form that is very comfortable.
  3. ola also change its design structure with a fluidic design.

Suspension & brake upgradations

Ola also focus on technical aspect also, ola upgrade both front & rear suspension, In front ola offers a twin fork & rear suspension, and it offers dual shock, a major change that ola has made in the air model.

But ola degraded braking system, it offers a drum brake instead hydraulic brake this is another con that I have found in the air variant.

Tires & dimension in Ola s1 Air

In Ola s1 air you will get 12 inches 90/90 tire that enhance its performance in off-roading, it has the same 1359 mm wheelbase and no changes can be done in dimensions.

but one thing is boot space, ola reduce 2 liters of boot space in the s1 Air, compared to both sibling you will get 36liter of boot space but the air has only 34 liters this is another con that I have found.

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Ola s1 will enter an international market soon – Bhavish Aggarwal said

Two months ago, ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal announced that ola is planning to enter the international market first rollout in Nepal by next quarter, after that ola s1 & s1 pro will be entirely available in Europe, Latin America, and Nepal by next year.

Bhavish also signed Mou with CG motor in partnership with a local distributor of Nepal for ola s1 & s1 pro and shared tweets on Twitter.

So, ola doesn’t reveal any detail about its third sibling ola s1 Air for entry into the international market, but as the automaker said, it might be launched in the international market by 2023.

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In 2 years, Ola Electric has become India’s top 2-wheeler EV player

OLA S1 Air electric scooter delayed by 3 months due to “accommodate”, to be delivered on July

Co-founder of ola electric, Bhavish said the S1 air is delayed due to the time taken to “Accommodate” the new variant announced today, it comes with a minor change in battery pack size.

learn more about the ola s1 delay

18 Cities Where Ola electric experience centers are available

Bhavish Aggarwal said those who book ola s1 air before Thursday will get a free upgrade to the 3KWH battery size model.

Ola confirms its 5 new electric Motorcycle in an event

Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal announced its plan to launch 5 new electric motorcycles, the brand showcased the design structure of all five in the teased video, and later ola announced two new motorcycles, one a premium motorcycle, and one mass motorcycle.

Ola confirms its 5 new electric Motorcycle in an event


What is the price of ola s1 air?

ola s1 air comes under 1 lakh, and it has ₹84,999 price range

What is the range of ola s1 air?

ola s1 air has a 101 km IDC range

What is the acceleration of ola s1 air?

it required 4.3 s to get accelerate from 0-40 km/h

What is the top speed of ola s1 air?

ola s1 air has 85 km/h of top speed

What is the charging time of ola s1 air?

ola s1 air required 4 hr 30 mins to get fully charged

What is the Peak motor power of ola s1 air?

ola s1 air has 4.5 kW of peak motor power

What are the colors in ola s1 air?

5 colors available in ola s1 air

How many modes are in ola s1 air?

ola s1 air comes with 3 modes- Eco, Normal, Sports

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