1st Tesla Model Y deliveries take place in Turkey with QuickSilver colors

Today finally tesla delivered the first Tesla Model Y in Turkey, tesla motors shared an image of the first delivery with the Quicksilver version of the Compact crossover.

1st Tesla Model Y deliveries take place in Turkey

the second pic was shared with a black number plate in Model Y Quicksilver scheme, the latter color is only available in Goga Berlin for Europeans and it will soon roll out in the East by 2023.

Highlights 1st Tesla Model Y deliveries take place in Turkey

1 month later, Tesla officially launched model y in Turkey, Instagram tesla reveal the price of the tesla model y Crossover SUV which will be launched in Turkey.

Tesla Model Y has three variants usually standard, long-range, and performance

  • Tesla model y standard range comes at 1,548,732 ₺
  • Tesla model y Long range comes at 1,619,532 ₺
  • Tesla model y performance comes at 1,778,821 ₺

On Instagram, Tesla also said that all three models will have a 50% special consumption Tax(OTV) bracket, this shows the Tesla Ev in Turkey views as a luxury product, because of taxes according.

Last month tesla also dropped a hint of model y, posting stories on Instagram.

The last year in December Tesla CEO Musk meet the Turkey president to discuss the company’s plans for Turkey, final report was released in January which clear that Tesla will launch models in Turkey and plan to expand the Tesla supercharger network across it.

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finally, tesla expand the production of Model Y in its Gogafactory Berlin to 5,000 per week, and Model 3, Model Y production continues at Giga Shanghai, there is no detail about the Giga Shanghai expansion.

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