2 Electric scooters Launch In February: Know who’s?

In this guide, I will explain 2 electric scooters which will launch in February Month,2023, One is a high-speed electric scooter and the other is a slow-speed electric scooter but both have incredible quality and performance.

Let’s discuss each one in detail with dropped technical specifications.

2. OLA S1 AIR – cheapest scooter ever

As you know Ola launch two electric scooters in the Indian market Ola s1 and Ola s1 pro, pro has quite a similar design language to its standard model ola S1 but its 3rd scooter is totally different in terms of design and technical specifications, Ola also does some changes to make it affordable with dropping its quality and performance also rectify single fork issue that we have seen in the Pro and S1 such as it uses BLDC motor instead of PMSM motor, it comes with a sculpted seat, different Grab handle, Front Telescopic Fork, with low-speed has 101km of IDC range.

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All thanks to Ola electric for the pic:

As per the recent update: ola electric CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal tweeted on Twitter “Exciting product announcements on 9th Feb, 2 PM.” this means that Bhavish will introduce its ola s1 air in a mega event which will be held on 9th February, at 2 P.M. clock, he will explain all changes and the features of ola s1 air in detail, also talk about its s1 pro front suspension, how he will rectify this issue.

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1. OKAYA Faast F3 – High-speed electric scooter

Okaya plans to Introduce its new electric scooter on 10th Feb, which brand is called Faast F3, it is the 4th electric scooter from Okaya, and it comes under 1,15,000 (ex-showroom), it uses a 1200W motor that offers 2500W of peak power, F3 will have 120-160 of the top range, it comes with dual set up 3.5KwH of li-ion LFP battery. It is also a swappable mechanism.

OKAYA Faast F3

To learn in detail refer to this: OKAYA Faast F3

As per the detail dropped Okaya EV, Faast F3 is a high-speed electric scooter it comes in the Rs. 1,13,999 price range and supports a swappable battery mechanism. also plan to launch 3 new electric scooters Faast F4, Freedum and Classic IQ, The Faast F4 has Dual 72V, 30AH of LFP batteries delivers 140-160km of peak range, also this scooter supports fast charging, required 5 to 6 hours to get fully charge, it has three modes Eco, City, and Sports and the company claims that it offers 60-70kmph of top speed. Also, it will have a combi braking system and all led lights.

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