3 Mercedes- Benz CLA sedans spied with Heavy Camouflage

3 Mercedes-Benz CLA sedans Testing mule spied with Heavy Camouflage, the upcoming all-electric models are expected to introduce by 2024.

3 Mercedes- Benz CLA sedans spied with Heavy Camouflage

3 prototypes of the next-generation CLA Sedan are spotted wearing heavy camouflage during cold weather testing, the spy shot is captured by

This is the first in history that a new model of Mercedes(Merche) is spotted on camera, and it is very difficult to say about the details of its specific.

The first image clearly signs that there was cold weather and the car charging port is open. we are not sure but as a fact, it is a CSS combi 2 connector on the right C-pillar of the car.

The other 2 images don’t have a small side door open, so it’s difficult to identify whether it is EVs or internal, combustion models, also there are no electric testing vehicles, so it might be ICE.

one of the testing mules has a flush door handler and the other 2 have conventional grab handlers, it may expect that Mercedes’s upcoming CLA model will have both models available.

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There is no detail or spy photo of the interior release yet, we can’t say about that.

The last year 2022, Mercedes said we are working on new architecture MMA(Mercedes Modular Architecture) for entry-level Luxury cars, which will replace FWD(Front wheel drive) car lineups like A-Class, CLA, GLA, and EQA. the platform will develop for electric vehicles first an then target to other HEV and ICE.

Merche also confirms that its first new architecture is expected to launch by 2024 or might be 2025 and also first new architecture EV will launch then other HEV and ICE vehicles will be launched.

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