3 times in Tesla supercharger, Tesla Supercharger caught fire during charging today in Florida

On Reddit, TeslaMotors share a video that clearly shows that a Tesla Supercharger caught fire In Florida, this is not the first time happened to a Tesla supercharger. in back 2019 quite similar accidents happen in Antwerp, Belgium. the detail of Florida firing has not been released yet.

The third time the Tesla supercharger network caught fire, the first Supercharger station caught fire in back 2016, A Tesla Model S caught fire and burned during charging at a supercharger station in Norway at that time firing occur due to short-circuit in a car, at a time automaker don’t why whats reason of short-circuit, it expect to due software update.

The second incident happened in back 2019 that time also Tesla Model S caught fire and the entire car burned while charging at the Tesla supercharger station in Antwerp, Belgium.

The local new explained that this firing happen after starting to charge “The driver of the car had parked it at a so-called ‘Supercharger’, a fast charging station, at the Novotel at Luithagen-Haven. When he returned a little later, his Tesla and the supercharger were lit up. Possibly there was a technical problem before charging.”

Now, the Tesla Supercharger station caught fire in Florida, but the report is not released yet & also what’s the reason for getting fired?

Tesla Supercharger caught fire

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