4 engines, up to 1 megawatt of power: BMW M3 as a purely electric car is said to drive “incredibly”.

BMW is making an all-electric M3 car, set to arrive in 2027. This car will be super powerful, with around 1360 horsepower, which is like having a whole lot of energy, about one megawatt.(bmw m3 electric, bmw m3 price in India, bmw m3 2023, bmw m3 price, bmw m3 gtr, bmw m3 e30, bmw m3 competition)

Pic: BMW

Electric cars with lots of power are getting popular, especially Tesla’s Model S and Model X. BMW wants to compete by making an electric M3 that’s even faster. They plan to use four electric engines, each as strong as 250 kilowatts, and when you add them up, you get one megawatt of power. This exciting project, which they hinted at before, is now officially confirmed.

In 2025, BMW will start with a smaller electric car like the 3 Series. Then, in the next year, they’ll make an electric SUV to replace the iX3. Finally, around 2027, they’ll give us the electric M3, which they believe will be the best electric M car.

While fast electric cars like Tesla’s Plaid are great, BMW thinks there’s more to enjoying driving than just going really fast. By using four electric motors that they can control separately, BMW wants to make the M3 handle and accelerate even better than the Plaid. They’re not sure if the M3 will reach the full 1000-kilowatt power, but it’ll be close.

BMW wants to give the electric M3 a unique driving experience, but they admit that people might miss the loud noise of a traditional car engine.

Even though they’re going electric with the M3, BMW plans to keep selling a regular version too. The current top version, the M3 CS, has 406 kilowatts, which is less than half of what the electric M3 will have. BMW will keep improving their regular engines to meet stricter emissions rules and offer them alongside the electric M3 because some people still want regular engines.

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