50,000 Tesla Supercharger stations worldwide: October 2021 Expansion Target Far Missed 🚗

🚗 Tesla’s Supercharger stations were supposed to reach 90,000 by now, but they only hit 50,000 by October 2021. 😕 This falls short of their ambitious goal. They had big plans to triple their charging network in two years, but it seems they’ve missed the mark.

In the past few months, they’ve been adding about 1,000 new Superchargers per month, slower than before. If they continue at this pace, it’ll take another three years to reach their goal. ⏳

Tesla Supercharger stations worldwide

What’s surprising is that Tesla started allowing other electric cars to use their Superchargers in Europe. 🌍 Even with this expansion, it seems they couldn’t keep up with their global plans. But in Europe, things seem to be going better, with shorter wait times during a recent free charging event for all electric cars. 🆓🔌

Overall, Tesla’s Supercharger expansion hasn’t been as speedy as they hoped, but they’re making progress, especially in Europe. 🚀⚡

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