6 Things to Know before buying any electric scooter | Ola, TVS, Ather

In this guide, I will share with you some things to Know before buying any electric scooter, in the market there several automakers are available, and it is very difficult to decide which electric scooter is best so, in this article, I will share you some constants that you must know before buying any electric scooter in term of Build quality, subsidiary, battery type, range, and speed.

After completing this guide you will be able to know all constants related to the electric scooter, let’s dive into the constants.

Things to Know before buying any electric scooter

Thing 1:- Battery

The battery is the important thing before buying any electric scooter, if a company offers a battery that is AIS 156 Phase- 2  certified also IP67 certified that means the battery is dustproof, fireproof, and waterproof, if the battery cover all certification then you can go for an electric scooter.

One important thing about the battery is if a brand offers a subsidy on a scooter which means the battery is not manufactured in China but some part is used, but in case the brand isn’t offered a subsidy that means the battery is made-in-china.

Also, If the battery support fast charging that means the battery is an extremely good quality battery if the battery does not support fast charging then the battery is the good quality like hero electric, and Okinawa this scooter does not support fast charging.

Before buying you must see the battery warranty usually brands offer 3 years warranty, but in case other automakers provide above 3 years then go for that scooter.

Also know: about the AIS 156

Things 2:- Gradiblity

Gradability is the most important factor in any vehicle,  gradability is its ability to climb slopes. Gradability is measured either in degrees or percentages(%). A 45 % gradient is equivalent to 100 % this is a basic criterion every scooter follows. Gradability is dependent on motor power like BLDC motor or PMSM, in the case of BLDC motor scooter pickup is initially very high but gradually down, in the case of PMSM motor scooter initially pickup is slightly low but afterward pick up gradually decreases, offering better torque in hilly areas.

Gradability is simply how many degrees a scooter can pull on a slope., also In the market there are two types of transmission available Mid-drive transmission & hub-drive, I suggest you as possible to select the Mid-drive motor, which gives you better gradability, and better power, and extreme torque in comparison to the hub motor.

Things 3:- Speed

Speed is a very essential factor in any electric scooter, in the market, there are two types of the electric scooter are available such as low-speed e-scooter & high-speed e-scooter.

Low-speed electric scooter, scooters come with a 25km/hr top speed which is RTO certified & license-free e-scooter, this scooter is only for children or short-term purposes. in a high-speed electric scooter, you get a range of above 50-100, this is a scooter better choice compared to the low-speed scooter.

Things 4:- Weight carrying capacity

In any scooter Weight carrying capacity is also an essential factor if capacity crossed the claimed capacity, then the scooter range drop starts. so it is better to know about the carrying capacity of the scooter. In ola electric, Ather Energy, and bajaj chetak, in this scooter, you may not get the capacity issue, these have better boot space & decent floorboard space.

Things 5:- Safety

In any vehicle, the safety feature is played a very important role, you get (CBS)combined braking system in almost scooter but if the brand offers a Disc brake which is the appropriate choice, disc brake offer instant braking.

Also, check battery is AIS 156 certified or not, as per the government norms brand needs to embed AIS 156 battery in an electric scooter.

Things 6:- Price

In any scooter, price is another big factor, if your budget is around 80-90 thousand then you can go for local companies, but I suggest you add more amount on your budget than buy an electric scooter with known companies like Ola, Ather, TVS, bajaj chetak, if want metal body than bajaj chetak is the best choice, otherwise select from ola, Ather, Tvs.


These are 6 factors that I share with you from my personal experience you have any questions then ask them in the comment.

Recap all these 6 factors.

  1. Battery
  2. Gradiblity
  3. Speed
  4. Weight carrying capacity
  5. Safety
  6. Price

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