7 Newest Electric Fat Bikes Coming in 2024 (26″ x 4″ Tire Models’ Overview)

In this guide, I will share with you the 7 newest electric FAT bike which is capable of handling terrains, including rocks, sand, and snow. these bikes come with fat tires that boost their performance in terrains situation.

7 Newest Electric Fat Bikes Coming in 2024

As you know the fat bike is an excellent choice for tackling various terrains, including rocks, sand, and snow. Fat bikes are specially designed with wide tires, typically ranging from 3.8 to 5 inches, which offer increased traction and stability but some brands offer 6 inches of tires in their E-bike for better stability. Here is the list below.


AVENTON is china based e-bike company famous for its fat bikes, recently it announced to launch of its most awaited model AVENTON AVENTURE 2 Bike this is basically designed for big share riders, brand introduce two two frame sizes step over, and step into design.


This bike is designed for 5.3-6.4ft riders, also this has 26/4 inch fat tires these tires can handle conquer, sandy, and snow situations. This bike comes with a suspension fork with 80 millimeters of travel lockouts and powerful hydraulic disc brakes.

Also, thumbs throttle for reaching speeds of 20 miles /hour, it includes a pedal-assist system with 4-level pedal support with a torque sensor to ensure smooth power delivery and a more natural riding experience at 28 miles/hr.

This fat bike comes with a 48Volt and 15 amp hours battery pack of LG cells offering 60 miles of range on a single charge, it required 4.5 hours to get fully charged.

this also includes Backlite LCD instrumental cluster in portrait shape which displays battery level, trip data, active mode, and time. you can also view your trip data on AVENTON mobile app.

This fat bike comes with 4 inches of tires with 400 lbs of payload capacity, it uses 750W of a motor mounted on the rear wheel.


TROXUS is china based automotive company, that recently add fat tires portfolio to its category, As you know sturdy aluminum alloy frame is used in either step-over or steps fat e-bikes, this frame can load up to 353 pounds, suitable for 5.4 inches to 6 .10 Inches tall peoples.

This TROXUS Explorer bike has Kenda All-Terrain  26 by 4 inches of Fat tires, this model is equipped with an 8-speed gear shift system and 5 level electric pedal assist feature for effortless climb hills. it is equipped with a 750w brushless hub motor mounted on the rear wheel, it has the highest electric pedal assist is 28 miles.

this model comes with Lithium-ion Battery 48volt 20 amp hour battery pack that can generate 36 miles without pedaling. the brand claimed its high range is 62 miles.

This fat bike comes with an LCD cluster that is mounted on the center, it displays the trip data, battery level, and speedometer.

the brand also offers a rear rack (optional) or you can also install a rear passenger seat for a long drive.


CYRUSHER is china famous company building high-quality bicycles at affordable prices, this year CYRUSHER introduces its advanced fat bicycle which is suitable for short or tall riders easily.


CYRUSHER Ranger comes with three captivating dual color schemes green white and black, in front & rear side you get a hydraulic 180 millimeter of disc braking with a robust suspension setup with an adjustable lockout fork and air suspension at the rear side of this bike you also get 26 by 4 inch of Kenda tires similar to TROXUS EXPLORER BIKE.

This coming bicycle has puncture resistance which is the craziest part of this bike.

In terms of performance, it uses 750 watts of hub motor located on the rear side which generate 1200 watts of peak output and 59 pound-feet of torque.

This model uses 52volt 20 amp hours battery pack with an estimated range of 50 miles on a single charge, it offers 28 miles of top speed.

you can also see the trip data, battery level, and active mode on the LCD cluster mounted on the center of the handle.


Shenzhen-based two-wheeler company VELOTRIC launches its fat-tired e-bike called VELOTRIC NOMAD 1 Bike, this e-bike is equipped with 26 by 4 inches of puncture resistance tires so you may not worry about puncture or air leaks.

This bike also comes with 750 watts of a motor mounted on the rear wheel that peaks at 1200 watts and 25 miles per hour capabilities.

This uses a 48-volt and 14.4-amp hours of battery pack of LG cells with 55 miles of peak range autonomy.

In front, you get Hydraulic suspension with 80 millimeters of travel, an 8-speed powertrain with a thumb shifter and cadence sensor for the pedal, and also a hydraulic disc brake of 180mmm on both ends.

It also comes with a 26 by 4 inches fat tire with puncture assistance lining and 3.5 inches of LCD cluster for tracking performance, trip data, and battery level.

This fat bike is specially designed for 5.6 to 6.9 inches tall riders but 5.1 inches to 6.9 inches riders can easily drive this.

Himiway Rhino Fat Bike

Himiway introduce a new Fat Bike called Himiway Rhino this is specially designed for off-roading and long-distance traveling because it uses a dual battery setup of 48V 15Ah LG lithium battery.

This Himiway Rhino fat bike is capable of riders of size 5’3″ ~ 6’4″ inches, Rhino is designed for dedicated off-roading and includes rock climbing, and heavy snow.

It uses an LG 48V Battery pack offering 100 miles of range on a single charge, Rhino has various variants in the base model equipped with a 1000watt hub motor and cadence sensor whereas Rhino pro variants use 10000Watt of a mid-drive motor with torque sensor.

Himiway Rhino Fat Bike

Rhino has a 5-level pedal assist with the highest throttle of 25 miles per hour speeds without any pedal input.

Rhino has class-specific gears, you shift easily compared to other shift mechanisms, Rhino uses 26 by 4.5 inches of fat tires for better stability with hydraulic disc brakes on both ends front and rear.

in terms of features, it has LED lights and an integrated tail light with an LCD display for trip data and battery level and a dual 3 amp smart charger, and an additional rear rack.


NIREEKA reveals its modern design fat electric bike withstand performance of 1500watt of a mid-drive motor with lightweight carbon fiber frame 4.4 pounds out of the 70 total weight.

FRAME SIZE17.5″ – M19″ – L
Seattube445 mm490 mm
Reach302 mm407 mm
Stack565 mm598 mm
Wheelbase1163 mm1192 mm
Chainstay500 mm507 mm
Effective Top Tube566 mm594 mm
Headtube120 mm140 mm
Standover770 mm796 mm
Fork Angle69.5 °69.5 °
Seattube Angle72.7 °72.7 °


This NIREEKA Mega comes with 840watt hours battery pack which offers 52 miles of riding range, this bike is use hydraulic brakes with abs and oversized 26 by 4 inches knobby tires, brand offers two options 18 inches (standard)and 20inch for tall riders approx 5.8-6.9 inches, you can also choose a either 480 or 840-watt hour battery pack.

Ristretto 512 First Edition

Texas-based Ristretto electric company showcases its Ristretto 512 first edition, this Ristretto e-bike can easily rider by tall or short people easily, this bike has moped like silhouette but is comfortability, this is no top, the brand offers two frame sizes 20 inches and 24 inches smaller bike price is 400 less.

Ristretto 512 First Edition

In both models, you get 20 by 4 inches of fat tires, and 512 uses a motor that generates 750 to 4500 watts of output. it has 40 miles per hour of top speed.

This model has come in the ADV segment brand and added a double crown front fork and rear shock suspension also 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes which give competitive control power output.

This bike uses a 52volt 30amp per hour battery pack offering 50- 100 miles of estimated range, The Ristretto® 512 cargo box combines style and function for outdoor excursions. Its 18-liter compartment is ideal for storing essentials and is made from durable aluminum to protect your belongings from tough weather.

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