7 upcoming All electric Scooters for 2024(Price, Features, Range)

Today we talk about the 7 upcoming electric scooters that will launch soon in the market, these electric scooters come with advanced features with a new unique design.

As you know in electric scooter trend is booming day by day in India as well as in the other nation because of high fuel costs and supply chain issues of semiconductors to reduce the cost every Government offering customers to acquire EVs instead of ICE vehicles, offering customer huge incentive on purchase.

So, If you are planning to buy a new electric scooter in the upcoming month this is the right place to know, today I share with you the 7 coming electric scooters that come with advanced features, extra range, and better build quality as you know build quality is Major concern in Electric scooter, so I decided to share with you the 7 durable and tough scooter that has strong stability with high performance.


So the first Electric scooter comes from FELO EV called FELO FW 06, FELO’s new concept electric motorcycle, between rider bike and scooter new generation of crossover models, this scooter has a sporty design with a narrow edge with a disc braking system on the front end, Telescopic suspension with a single reflector, this scooter comes with three tone color, entire color is painted with white with black tone fender, handlebar and neon yellow color highlight on boot that give a sports bike look to the scooter.

This scooter comes with an LED headlamp mounted on the apron to give better visibility and a side-mounted indicator light.

In rear brand offer mono shock suspension to reduce the braking effect or reduce its performance while driving, also it uses blent drive transmission so, a motor is mounted on the rear wheel to boost its performance in offroading.

In terms of features, this scooter comes with LCD s instrument that clearly displays the driving data at a glance, intelligently calculates the remaining mileage, and rides with peace of mind. in the coming scooter, this LCD instrumental is expected to be seen in the base variant also.

These feature you see in this FELO FW 06 scooter:

FW06 is equipped with an inductive keyless start system, which can be quickly unlocked and activated, and the riding charm is infinite.

100M data transmission, real-time connection to the vehicle intelligent processing center, and the whole vehicle data, mastered at one hand.

S key to accelerate: The one-button acceleration mode increases the output power of the vehicle, bringing strong power and speed.

Vehicle VCU intelligent control brain, safe driving guarantee Equipped with VCU of APT96V platform, it realizes CANBUS communication in isolation of the whole vehicle, equipped with OBD access, FOC vector control, cruise control, OTA upgrade, and other functions. Coordinate the motor to start and speed up more quickly and intensely. Only by advancing with the times can we have an extraordinary experience.

Technical specification FELO FW 06


X-OTO 3-wheeled electric motorcycle 

this is the most awaited electric scooter many users are waiting for this because this is considered the safest and most stable electric scooter.

This electric scooter consists of a three-wheeler that makes it safer, it uses a patented tilting system that can tilt the scooter upto 45degrees, this scooter offers both stability and versatility in operations.

This scooter uses a self-stabilizing mechanism that offers easy riding, this scooter is not requiring a license in California because of its three wheels, but in other states like the US, it has some specific regulations or needs a license to acquire this scooter if still has three wheels.

As you know this scooter is famous for its safety, that’s why the brand add a leaning mechanism to this scooter which gives stability in a turn at lower speed, means you can lean at full range.

But overall this three-wheel X-OTO scooter is more safer than other two-wheel scooters.

when talking about its specification this scooter comes with a 4,000 W of front hub motor which is due to three wheels design structure. this scooter has 72km/h of top speed which is suitable for urban commutes.

Also, this scooter has two removable battery packs of 2.15 KWH, a total of 4.3 KWH at normal speed, the batteries can be removed for charging or charged directly through the scooter.

In terms of price, the brand launched the X-OTO Founder’s edition model with starting price of $7,499. this is quite higher than its existing models. but its innovative learning features will increase its demand in California and as well as united states. the earlier delivery of X-oto is expected to be later this summer.

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Silence S1 Plus Scooter

The third electric scooter comes from Silence company called it Silence S1 Plus Scooter, this scooter has a unique design with a retro style front look with a circular headlamp with a large windshield on the front end to give a sporty structure.

This scooter has a flat side but a slight upper on the rear side, but this scooter comes with a hub motor, and a motor mounted on the rear wheel to give more torque, in both end brand offers disc brakes for instant braking.

This hub motor power is upgraded to 7.5Kw which is quite huge compared to other scooters, this scooter brand offer adjustable preload suspension on both side, but this scooter doesn’t have mono shock suspension, it has right-sided suspension.


Brand also said that this disc brake is not a normal disc, this equipped with lightweight, enhanced thermal properties, and improved braking power. this is a new concept that comes from silence.

In terms of features, this scooter comes away from features, it has 4 modes eco, city, sports, and reverse. In eco mode, it offers 43mph, the city offers 53mph, and 68mph in sports. the brand also highlights that this reverse mode is activated by pressing the green button on the left handlebar. Once you’ve tried it, it becomes an essential driving mode.

in terms of technical specification, this scooter required 3.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 – 30mph, offering 85 miles of Range on a single charge.

This scooter uses a 5.6kWh Lithium-Ion of a battery pack that tops up to 85 miles on a single charge.

Also, this scooter is equipped with an Integrated hub motor, brushless of 7.5 kW (9 KW Peak Power).


  • Maximum speed 62mph
  • “Push-To-Pass” speed 68mph
  • Instantly available power
  • 0-30 in 3.9 seconds
  • 3 driving modes and reverse
  • Up to 85-mile range
  • Under-seat storage
  • LED lighting
  • USB Port
  • Silence APP Connected

sarkcyber hc 10 cetus

HC10 Cetus has a minimalist body shape and a powerful appearance. HC10 is a high-end sports scooter with zero emissions, which can reduce environmental pollution and facilitate smooth riding in congested urban traffic.

This scooter comes with high-end performance with 125 km/h top speed in a disc braking system on both ends with ABS that takes effect immediately to ensure the safety of pedestrians and you.

sarkcyber hc 10 cetus

The front component of the scooter is slightly lower to the center of gravity to maintain the balance on the corner. Also, this cooter uses Nitrogen Shock Absorption System to filter the bumps effectively over rough roads or speed bumps. in terms so of design, this scooter is decent, giving the feel of a dirt bike.

in terms so technical specifications, this scooter required 2.6s FROM 0 TO 50KM/H, and also this offer 180KM RANGE on a single charge, which required around 2 hours to get charged to 80%, it uses a battery with that 72v100Ah capacity battery position near the front to improve the balance of the vehicle and ensure the stability of driving.

In features, it has 7 inches TFT dashboard that features Bluetooth connectivity for navigation and Reverse Image.

In the instrumental cluster, you will see the battery level, activate mode, and trip data other features will disclose soon.

It supports four unlocking methods: NFC swipe card, Bluetooth, APP remote control, and remote control, in case you forget to bring the key.

Technical specification

Models3 (HC 10, HC 10ABS, and, HC 10XABS )
3 (HC 10, HC 10ABS and, HC 10XABS )90km/h
Battery Lithium ion
Disc brake Lithium-ion
Charge for PhoneC-type

ZAAP Scooter i300

Zaap Uk based startup to launch its electric scooter called i300 this scooter has a muscular design with a Chromoly steel frame, this scooter’s front face is totally different from the existing model.

This scooter has 4 models Ocean,  Bio, Carbon, and Carbon Launch Edition, all of the same architecture but with differences in power and range, and design structure.

in front, you get a circular LED headlight located on the apron with a side-mounted LED indicator, brand offers disc brakes on both sides front and rear for instant braking, Pre-load adjustable front forks and also an interchangeable seat in waterproof canvas this is a new concept i saw in this scooter.

In features, you get LCD instrumental cluster that displays trip data, battery level, speedometer and activate mode.

This scooter has 14kW (19hp) of horsepower, it has 96km/h of claimed top speed, brand also claimed that this scooter required only 2.35s to Accelerate 0-50 km/h.

Here are the dimension

Length1935 mm (76 in)
Width (including rear view mirrors)862 mm (34 in)
Height1193 mm (47 in)
Seat Height750 mm (30 in)
Wheelbase1397 mm (55 in)
Trail130 mm (5 in)

This scooter uses a 72V Lithium-ion battery pack each is 720Wh and the battery has Estimated Battery Life is 2,000 charge cycles. this scooter required 2 hours to get fully charged with its standard charger 420Wh and 1 hour with its fast charger of 840Wh.

to know more.


If you are in California, you are aware of the CSC a well-known company this company plan to launch its ES5 electric scooter that breaks all record in performance and features.

In ES5 you get 52.3MPh(85km/h) of top speed, which required 8 hours to get charge and it has offer 68 miles of range on single trips

This scooter will have alloy wheels with a CBS braking system on the front end, and this uses a mid-drive electric motor of 5kwh of continuous and 8kwh of peak output.

In front you get a large LED headlamp split into circular LED lights to give more visibility in the dark.

This scooter comes with a removable battery system so, you can remove it and charge it anywhere while in the office or house.

In terms of features, this scooter will have Bluetooth connectivity, keyless entry, led light, driving recorder, and USB interface.

Honda EM1e

Last year Honda announced that they are planning to launch 10 new electric scooters in the market, EM1e is one of them, and this scooter is showcased at the auto show.

The Honda EM1e scooter is a lightweight electric scooter this first prototype of an E-scooter, this scooter smooth edge with a minimalist design does not use sharp corners, it has pile sharpe LED headlamp mounted on an apron with an LED indicator located on the handlebar.

Honda EM1e

In front, you get a telescopic fork with an alloy wheel, it uses a 21700 Lithium-ion battery which requires 1 hour to get charged offering 40 km of range.

this scooter uses a swapping battery mechanism, it includes two battery packs located in the boot space.

In Features, you get an LED instrumental cluster that displays trip data, battery level, and mode.

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