A Chinese Counterpart Challenges the Electric Kawasaki Ninja

A Chinese Counterpart Challenges the Electric Kawasaki Ninja

If you’re in the market for a beginner-level electric motorcycle, you’ll find yourself considering various naked bikes designed for daily commuting. But what about enthusiasts of sport bikes? Don’t they deserve something visually striking as they embark on their journey with electric vehicles? Certainly, they do, and the prominent Chinese company, QJ Motor, has introduced an electric vehicle that perfectly fits the bill. Named the OAO Pro (also referred to as RX), it proudly stands as an ideal entry-level sport bike, presenting a significant competition for the upcoming electric Kawasaki Ninja.

The QJ Motor OAO Pro Showcases a Sporty and Unique Design

A single glance at the OAO Pro is enough to captivate anyone with its genuinely sport bike-inspired design. The front boasts a sleek profile, featuring a pair of dual LED headlights and a streamlined windscreen. Muscular fairings on each side house the LED turn signals, maintaining the bike’s dynamic look. The rear end continues the sporty impression with its angular panels and an LED tail lamp.

All these elements are complemented by meticulous attention to detail. Noteworthy features include a swingarm-mounted license plate holder that adds to the bike’s tidy appearance, tan brown saddle seats, and distinctive diamond-cut alloy wheels. An interesting touch is the brand logo on the fairing, which cleverly conceals the charging port when opened.

Now, let’s talk about the features. The Chinese motorcycle manufacturer has taken a refreshingly simple approach. The list of features includes a blue backlit LCD instrument cluster that displays essential information, a USB port, and a dual-channel ABS system. Furthermore, there’s a storage compartment where you’d find the conventional fuel tank on internal combustion engine (ICE) bikes. This space is generously sized and can easily accommodate a helmet, possibly a half-face one.

The QJ Motor OAO Pro Offers a Range of 105 Miles

Turning to specifications, the OAO Pro is powered by a 10kW (~14 horsepower at its peak) mid-mounted electric motor. At its maximum performance, it can reach a top speed slightly surpassing 60 mph, positioning it predominantly as a commuter vehicle. While these figures might not be strikingly impressive, it’s worth highlighting that the Pro comes with a four-speed transmission. This means that although high speeds might not be its forte, you’ll still get to enjoy a genuine motorcycle experience, to some extent.

The motor draws its energy from an almost 6.5 kWh battery pack, providing a commendable range of 105 miles. Once the battery is depleted, recharging it to full capacity using the supplied charger will take around four hours. However, it hasn’t been disclosed whether the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer offers battery-swapping technology or fast charging alternatives at this point.

In terms of suspension, the OAO Pro features upside-down forks and a monoshock. Both the front and rear ends are outfitted with 17-inch alloy wheels that house single disc brakes. With a total weight of 361 pounds and a saddle height of 30.7 inches, the entire package should be fairly accessible and easy to handle.

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