This Solar powered Electric Car fail all ICE in term of Performance, Features: Alibaba V7 electric SUV 150km range on single charge

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Today we talk about the most popular china ev maker Alibaba, launching the most affordable & compact solar-powered electric car V7 which offers 80-150Km of range on a single charge with fully loaded features that make it a semi-luxury e-car, so let’s dive into Alibaba V7 detail review.

This solar-powered car was launched by Alibaba, china automaker famous for its Eccommer platform, which recently launched its super compact SUV with the codename Alibaba V7 electric SUV , this Suv has quite similar to the Maruti Celerio in terms of front view, but in back it is totally different you see the image which I showed you below will give you a better understanding.

Alibaba V7 electric SUV

Alibaba V7

In front brand offers a simple grille in between two headlamps, & an Alibaba logo which is mounted on the center grill with 2 circular fog lamps equipped in the bumper.

In terms of dimensions, it has 2700/1420/1550 of l*w*h, it has >30% of the maximum grade claimed by the brand, also equipped with flexible solar panels on the roof for better energy generation.

This V7 electric SUV comes with 155 aluminum alloy wheels & uses McPherson independent suspension to help keep your car’s tires in contact with the road, brand offers a vacuum brake booster system for instating brakes in emerging situations.

In terms of technical detail, this alibaba V7 EV comes with a 1.2~2.5Kw AC asynchronous motor that offers 55km of top speed. Also brand uses a lead-acid battery or lithium battery, used to supply power but for this review brand offers a 12V/100Ah li-ion battery that provides an 80-150km range on a single charge.

These are features offered by the brand in its compact SUV-:

Configuration4 doors Electric windows155 Aluminum alloy wheel/vacuum tireThree-point seat beltsCombined LED dashboard
McPherson independent suspensionVacuum brake booster systemThe front disc brake drumCombined front and rear headlights
Warm air defrosting systemMP5 Reverse image assist systemOpen SunroofLED daytime running lights
Central control door lockAnti-glare interior rearview mirrorHigh-end smart built-in chargerRHD model(Optional)
Note1.40’ container holds 4 units; 20’ container holds 2 units.2. Optional: Air Conditioning; Range Extender; Directional Assistance System


Q1: Whether the solar electric vehicle can automatically charge?
A1: Yes. Under the condition of 8 hours of illumination time and good lighting conditions, the solar cell conversion rate is about 21%-24%, and the generated electricity is about 1.5-2 degrees.

Q2: What about the payment?
A2: We accept L/C,T/T, Credit card payment terms.

Q3: How long is the transportation time?
A3: Dear friend, we have vehicles in stock, when you paid, to ensure superior quality we will test vehicle again, after the test is good,we will arrange the shipping asap.

Q4: How much will the shipping charges be?
A4: This will depend on the size of your shipment and the method of shipping. When inquired about shipping charges, we hope that you let us know the detailed information such as the codes and quantity, your favorable method of shipping, (by air or by sea,) and your designated port or airport.we will caculate a favorable shipping cost for you.

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