Aston Martin company focus on hybrid and electric cars from 2026.

Aston Martin is a British carmaker company that is planning to sell only electric or hybrid cars by 2026 and phase out pure combustion engines by then. But the company is not yet giving any information on the degree of hybridization and its end of sales.



The company said that “By 2026 we will be fully electrified Aston Martin boss Lawerence Stroll told the Financial Times. In other words, it means “fully electrified” in future there are no more pure combustion engines in the range. The Statement is correct, a small electric motor is already sufficient but depending upon the definition, even a 48-volt mild hybrid, Which only supports the combustion engine but does not drive the car pure electrically.

Chairman, Lawerence also told that the number of rivals, including Lamborgini and Bentley, these company also reveal their vision of green future and we are growing slowly to the fully electric vehicle, but In the future, we will offer electric and hybrid cars by 2026.

Today, There are electrification components are available but in case someone wants an internal combustion engine in 2028, that will happen.

All over the world, Almost all company trying to look to bring in greener cars as climate change becomes a growing concern.

British-based carmaker companies such as Rolls-Roye and Bentley, want to sell only battery cars from 2030, Aston Martin does not mention the date for the complete phase-out of a combustion engine.

The company states that in 2025 the first-all-electric Aston Martin cars are expected to hit the market. These are the generation of front-engine DB11 sports cars but the information of powertrain in the internal combustion vehicle is not yet.

Moreover, The classic front-engine Aston martin models mid-engined sports cars are also to be built and the brand also offers an SUV, the DBX.

Chairman Stroll announced that in between 2025 to 2026 we will have every electric model available such as front-engine, mid-engine, SUV and we will start selling as soon as possible and according to the customer demand.


Q: Who is the founder of Aston Martin?

Ans: Aston Martin Lagonda is the founder.

Q: Who owns Aston Martin?

Ans: Lawrence Stroll.

Q: Is Aston Martin is available in India?

Ans: There are approximately two dealers are available in India.

Q: What is the Starting price of Aston Martin in India?

Ans: It is around ₹ 2.95 Crore price of Aston Marin.

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