BATTERY SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS OR PROTOCOL | What are the safety precautions for EVs?

BATTERY SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS OR PROTOCOL In this article you will know the safety protocol of electric two-wheeler in detail.

We will discuss all safety protocols such as proper charging protocol, battery storage protocol, power quality protocol, and basic maintenance precautions that you should know(PureEV).

1. Proper Charging Protocol

Safety Protocol
It is recommended to only use the charger provided by the company for charging the batteries.
Make sure the earthing is connected.
Do not leave the battery on charging overnight 
Unplug or turn the charger off before attaching or removing the clamp connections.
Connect input mains supply plug to the 230V/50hz supply wall socket with proper grounding.
Do not charge the battery for more than 5 hrs.
Ensure proper connection of the charger output cable with the connector

2 . Battery Storage Instructions

Battery precaution
Keep all flammable materials away from the storage area
Charge the battery at least once a month  when it is not in regular use
The battery should be stored away from any heat source or direct sunlight
Do not store in places with high humidity
Do Not place any object on the battery.

3. Power Quality Protocol

Power Quality Instructions
the power supply of the charging socket should be 220- 240V, 50Hz
ensure Adequate earthing and circuit protection
It is highly recommended to install voltage stabilizers to provide constant voltage
Do not use any adapter or extension cord.

These all safety protocol is refers by PureEV

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