Bentley First Electric Car Delayed by a year to 2026: Said CEO

Bentley Initially Slate to hit Global Showroom in 2025. Its First Electric Car has been pushed back by a year.

Bentley First Electric Car Delayed by a year to 2026
Bentley First Electric Car Delayed by a year to 2026

Bentley British car Marquee has announced it has pushed back the arrival of the first electric car, which will be introduced in early 2026.

Bentley Chairman & CEO Adrian Hallmark said Bentley first electrified car will be scheduled to launch in showrooms by 2026 instead of 2025, this is a final plan from Bentley Motors.

Adrian does not give any reason for the delay, said it’s only a “Matter of Month” rather than full year, and also explained that the delay is not related to the parent company Volkswagen Group, it is a major issue that occurred in the software of forthcoming electric high-end product, he told in the interview with the Automotive News Europe.

Hallmark also said Bentley plans to spend 2.5 billion pounds which is around 3 billion euros on electrified vehicles and will develop & design at the carmaker’s home in Crewe, England.

In the Interview, Hallmark cleared that Volkswagen is working tightly on schedule to launch a car on the Scalable System Platform(SSP) Which is an electric architecture that will underpin cars in the Artemis project.

Hallmark also explains in detail the SSP Architecture Platform which is also called PPE(Premium Platform Electric ), is dedicatedly based on electric cars, and is developed by VW child Audi with input from Bentley.

Audi’s First electric car also has been scheduled to delay until the end of 2026 as per the Automobile Woche report.

In November 2020, Bentley motors announced that they would stop producing internal combustion engine vehicles(ICE) cars by 2030 & will swift to fully electrified vehicles in early 2026, and produce only plug-in-hybrid & electric vehicles in the upcoming years.

As per the promise Bentley initially, working on two electric variants such as the flying spur and Bentayga plug-in hybrids, and will launch 5 new electric cars by the end of this decade.

On January 30, Bentley Motors announced the launch of its beyond100 strategy. The company called it a five-in-five(5-5) plan during this the company will be launching new electric car models each year between 2025 and 2030. The company also announced that there will be five electric cars launched by Bentley motors in the future more…

Hallmark also said that “The 12-cylinder engine is about 10 times the price of the average premium car engine, and the average battery is less than our 12-cylinder engine. I can’t wait for batteries, they’re cheap in relative terms”

Bentley First Electric Car Delayed by a year to 2026
Photo Credit: Bentley

Adrian Hallmark, also mentions that “money to pay for the transformation came from Bentley itself after the brand reversed years of weak financial results” but in 2021 we would generate 389 million euros profit by delivering 14,659 cars, hallmark also confirmed the target for fully electric cars 2030.

Bentley’s profit up from 162% to 170 million euros in the first quarter this year.

Bentley’s upcoming electric variants will be introduced in early 2026, with starting price of 250,000 euros, also Hallmarks commits that this fully electrified vehicles come with “incredible effortless overtaking performance, will generate huge amount of torque on demand”.

Volkswagen Group or VW group first-half profit was announced as “Stable H1 sales revenue at EUR 132.3 billion, 2 percent up from previous year levels including first-time consolidation of Navistar”.

About: Bentley Motors Limited is a British Manufacturer and market leader of Luxury cars & SUVs and a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group and consolidates under VW’s premium brand arm Audi, headquarters in Crewe, England.

Currently, the Stock price of Bentley Motors Limited owned by Volkswagen Group is 135.60 EUR.

Bentley also releases a PDF of the Q1 result.

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