Bounce infinity E1 first ride complete review | best replacement of IC scooter.

Bounce infinity E1 first ride complete review and best replacement of IC scooter.


Bounce infinity is the first Indian company that deals with superbikes to one that ran a fleet of scooters for people to use traverse with the city. the company also planning to launch their battery swapping model in megacities first after that they will expand it.

Bounce Swappable Battery System purports to make everyday commuted breeze However the same be said of the scooter that houses the battery. Bounce infinity becomes the first electric vehicle Brand that achieves a lakh battery swap in India.

Bounce is a Bangaluru based company that started as a ride-sharing startup, it feels like a premium electric scooter in the segment of the EV marketplace.


The company also plans to move forward consumer market with a strong brief, an electric vehicle is a future, they launched the bounce infinity E1.the company also planning to launch their battery swapping model in megacities first after that they will expand it as we talk above.


Bounce provides three ownership model outright ownership, two tires of subscription plan with subscription bounce infinity E1 rice should be Rs 94,666(ex-showroom).

Features and design of Bounce infinity E1

let us talk about Bounce infinity features and design when it comes to design E1 is a combination of retro and modern styling it has a round headlamp with LED lighting and a wide handlebar that feels like a retro scooter and its seat is straight which comfortable for people who ride for long-distance can easily drive.

In front, Scooter looks modern with a simple and sober design that enhances its productivity and innovative design.

The E1 has a neat and clean look with decent legroom to the ride and a wide berth that make the scooter comfortable for long term ride and talking about that features It has a top speed of 65kph with 230mm disc at the front and 203mm disc at the rear with the combi-brake system, kerb weight of bounce infinity E1 is 90kg which comes in the lightweight segment and uses for all-purpose for detail visit.

It has a 2kwh of lithium-ion battery that powers a 1.5kw hub-mounted BLDC motor and the battery is certified with IP67 which means it is safe to ride and the battery is also detachable that follows government policy.


Q: Who is the founder of Bounce ?

Ans: Vivekananda Hallekere is the founder of Bounce.

Q: How many batteries does a infinity E1?

Ans:The E1 uses a pack of three lithium-ion batteries

Q: Is Bounce Infinity available in India?

Ans: Yes,

Q: What is the top speed of Bounce Infinity E1 top speed?

Ans:The top speed of  Bounce Infinity E1 is 65kmph.

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