Breaking: Tesla wins most charging station tenders in USA, costs 50% lower

Breaking: Tesla wins most charging station tenders in USA, costs 50% lower

Just like in Europe, Tesla is sharing its supercharger network in the USA with other electric car brands. What’s special is that Tesla is making sure that different types of charging systems can work together. Sometimes, they start by giving adapters, and later they add special charging sockets for other car brands. Tesla has also gotten a lot of help from government funding in the USA.

Every 5th Funded Charging Station is Tesla’s
The US government has set aside about $5 billion to make more fast charging stations across the country. Tesla wanted to be part of this program. But to join, Tesla had to make sure their superchargers can use a North American type of charging called CCS. They did this by upgrading their old superchargers with something called the “Magic Dock,” which helps other chargers work with Tesla’s.

Recently, Tesla has been adding more superchargers in the USA and Canada. A report from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) says some states have already picked which companies will get money to build new charging stations. About $77 million has been given out so far, and Tesla got $8.5 million of it. That’s 18% of all the projects funded up to now.

If this keeps going, Tesla, which already has the most fast charging stations in the US, will get the most money to build even more. The amount Tesla got is more than what all the other companies got. Based on numbers from a company called EVAdoption, Tesla says it costs them $392,000 for each supercharger station. Other companies spend nearly $800,000 on average.

Boosting Tesla’s Supercharger Network
It’s important to know that the total costs depend on how many charging stations are at each location. Tesla plans to have eight to twelve superchargers at each place they get funding for, while other companies usually just have the minimum of four. According to the WSJ, Tesla spends $17,000 for each charger, while other types of chargers can cost up to $130,000. Tesla might not take over the charging market in the US, but this funding advantage could make their supercharger network even stronger.

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