BYD Blade Batteries Give Tesla Model Y Faster Charging Times

Today we get news from InsideEVs that Tesla has started purchasing battery cells from its True Rival BYD, this battery pack used in Tesla’s coming Model Y crossover which produces in Germany.

BYD Blade Batteries Give Tesla Model Y Faster Charging Times
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This is confirmed By that Tesla Model Y vehicles will be manufactured at GigaFactory Berlin equipped with BYD battery cells. This is probably not important to most people, but it’s still worth checking out.

If you follow Tesla, BYD is a true competitor of Tesla this is also said Elonmusk itself that the two companies compete on positive terms, but in really Elon Musk really appreciate china based companies and respect some of the china automakers mostly respects Ford in the United state, he saw China brand as a true rival.

In a recent update, we also get news that Tesla could produce a Tesla Model Y crossover in Berlin equipped with a BYD battery pack.

Tesla used to use different battery cells from different sources, but this year they started using different battery chemistries in different versions of their various models. This means that the same model of Tesla car can have different batteries depending on the version. For example, Model 3 now uses LFP batteries in the base model, while Model Y uses NCA batteries in the Long Range model.

This year we saw many changes done to battery cells by Tesla in its version of various models.

In last we learn that Tesla purchases battery cells from BYD, and uses this battery cell in its coming models as Electrek suggests, tesla uses BYD “Blade Battery” which is an LFP cell that organizes in a longer format similar to a blade.

Tesla news:

Another reason why Tesla selected this BYD battery is that different battery chemistries have different advantages and disadvantages. LFP batteries are cheaper and have a longer lifespan, but they have a lower energy density than NCA batteries. NCA batteries are more expensive and have a shorter lifespan, but they have a higher energy density. By using different battery chemistries in different models, Tesla can offer a wider range of options to their customers.

This type of battery is knowns for its safety and durability, Tesla uses a BYD battery pack in order to grab people’s attention and trust, and the Tesla Blade battery improves the safety and durability of cars.

We also get from that the new BYD battery cells can charge at a higher speed for a longer period of time than CATL’s LFP battery cells. This means that a car with BYD batteries can be charged more quickly than a car with CATL batteries.

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