Charge comfortable 2 electric bikes with throttle boost

Charge comfortable 2 electric bikes with throttle boost, experience with new features, high range. we will discuss it in brief and give you an overview is this is a fit for you or not.

Charge comfortable 2 electric bikes

Charge bike is an American automotive company that has expertise in making electric bikes, on a mission to fulfill customers’ requirements while riding on or off-road easily.

Charge bike company unveiled its Electric bike 2 E-bike which comes with extra wheels base and tries that will feel suspension free, an ability to handle situations in the bumpy areas and more comfortable handlebars, doesn’t feel customers override, tried while driving.

Charge comfortable 2 electric bikes have a 6061 aluminum alloy frame with lightweight material, it also supports child seat compatibly rear rack with max 25kg of weight.

Amazing features– It has an integrated front & rear headlight which will open automatically when sunset or sunrise so these great features that ChageBIKE offers.

It has three color options candy red, white & midnight blue all these met-finished types and gives a stunning look to the bike.

What changes do you see in the upgraded version, it has a big tire size, more rear rack payload capacity with more wheelbase, a retro-style structure, minimalistic & simple design.

It also supports a foldable mechanism, within simple 3-4 steps you can wrap it and carry it where you want to ride.

Charge comfortable 2 electric bikes

It has a rotating front handlebar you can rotate it 90 degrees.

It has a small monochrome cluster that will display trip data, speed, mileage, and battery capacity. The company offers a mechanical disk brake and has big Goodyear tires that feel like suspension.

Talk about the technical specs it has a 250W power hub motor that will generate a max of 20mph but usually, it offers 17-18 mph of speed. It has 5 pedal assist modes and it also offers a swappable battery system which very essential so that people can easily swap out/in the charge stations, It uses a 34V lithium-ion battery with Samsung cells that boost its performance.

Talking about its pricing it has a starting price of $2,000, but if you already have 1 vehicle from charge bike so, you will get $200 off on the second vehicle, this is a great deal, this is limited-time offers claim it as soon as possible.

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