Construction was complete on NSW’s largest battery plant, report releases

Today we get from pv-magazine-Australia that the construction of NSW’s (North South Wales) biggest battery plant has 150MW/ 300MWH of max capacity at Riverina and Darlington Point energy system, this built on 3 co-located units and it was owned by private equity fund manager Federation Asset Management and Edify Energy.


  • The project received funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the NSW government.
  • Both combine to provide $13.1 million to support the project’s use of smart inverters which can increase hosting capacity in the region.
  • This project 10% is owned by Edify Energy and the rest is 90% owned by Federation Asset Management.

For this @sawyermerritt also shared a post on Twitter and aware people of the construction progress, you can also this post.

As per the pv-magazine-Australia report, it is Using Tesla’s Megapack technology and grid-forming advanced inverters, the total capacity of the project is 150 MW / 300 MWh.

This project is built on three major battery facilities

  • 60 MW / 120 MWh Riverina Energy Storage System 1 (o/p contracted to Shell Energy) 
  • 65 MW / 130 MWh Riverina Energy Storage System 2 (o/p contracted to EnergyAustralia) 
  • 25 MW / 50 MWh Darlington Point Energy Storage System (o/p contracted to EnergyAustralia with grant funding provided by ARENA and the NSW Government)
150MW/ 300MWH, NSW’s construction complete

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