Core Toyota supplier appoints new leader in EV shift

Toyota most core supplier & Japanese auto parts manufacturer Denso appointed a new CEO on Monday as the industry shifted to EVs, Denso was initially formed as a Toyota spin-off which is becoming a powerhouse in the global auto parts industry & gradually expanding & supply to many automakers.

On Monday supplier also select the Chief software officer & Senior executive, Shinnosuke Hayashi who take over the reins as CEO & president. This move comes after Toyota appoint a new leader in the EV shift.

Koji Arima, the Incumbent president also told to media that the foundation for management is now in place, and for Denso to take a bigger leap forward, it is necessary to have someone with unique knowledge from myself, who has leadership can create new value or revolution & inject new wind(into the company).

When the reporter asked Hayashi, the chief software officer about the challenge he faces, he said the auto industry gradually moved toward fully electric, software-defined vehicles, also claimed”We will respond by transforming our portfolio, which includes production and supply structure as well as engineers’ skills.”

Finally, Toyota’s newly selected CEO, koji Sato, who takes over this month as a 66-year-old grandson of the company founder Akio Toyota, also share its plans to “Lead”, the company shifted to EV with 10 new EV models will debut soon & expect to sell 1.5Miilion by 2026.

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