This company calls itself the Tesla of Motorcycles Said At yahoo finance : Curtiss Motorcycle 1

Today yahoo finance upload a video with thumb title “This company calls itself the Tesla of Motorcycles”, in this podcast Curtiss Motorcycle Co. CEO Matt Chambers joins Yahoo Finance Live anchor Rachelle Akuffo to discuss key takeaways from ‘The 1’ luxury motorcycle, the electrification of motorcycles, the company’s Tesla-inspired master plan, competition, and the demand for electric motorcycles.

 Curtiss Motorcycle

We are not aware of the brand we tell you in detail: Curtiss Motorcycle Co. is the oldest motorcycle brand recently it celebrated its 120 anniversary & it builds high-quality, high-performance motorcycles with super luxury designs as well the features.

Curtiss Motorcycle 1

Brand also said it 1 Curtiss Motorcycle is never built in a world build like 1 that allows an owner to tailor geometry, scale, and ergonomics to their unique desire, this 1 model has multi-link front & rear suspension with multiple adjustments for the trail as well as ride height.

In simple words: This means that you can fine-tune your machine to your exacting specification.

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As this motorcycle is super luxurious & existence ergonomics so, the brand also uses in-depth handlebar fine-turning and a 20+ foot peg mount location which means you can adjust your ride to your mood.

  • Torque – up to 200 Nm (147.5 ft-lb)
  • Range – 120 miles (city) / 70 miles (highway)
  • Battery Capacity – 8.8 kWh
  • Charging – Support up to 3.3 kW (Level 2)
  • Charger Plug Type – Universal J1772 connector
  • Charge Time (0% to 80%) – 2 hours at 220 V
  • Charge Time (80% to 100%) – 40 minutes
  • Voltage – 420 V
  • Regen – Adjustable (up to 10 levels of braking assist)
  • Tires – 19” Dunlop K180
  • Wheels – 3.5”x19” (front) and 3.7”x19” (rear)
  • Brakes – Beringer Aerotech 4D
  • Suspension – RaceTec for Curtiss
  • Drive – Gates for Curtiss

In terms of battery, you get 1 battery upgrade also full factory service in 1st 7 years of ownership this is the key thing you may know before buying it.

let’s talk about the technical specification of Curtiss Motorcycle 1 electric motorcycle, you get a 217 Hp Axial Flux motor that provides higher power density, shorter magnetic path, more torque, and better cooling, it uses Fully-immersed Curtiss Hex Pack offering 120Miles of (HWY) & 75 miles (city) range on a single charge.


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