Cybertruck interior leaked photos Munro Live | More Cybertruck Castings Pile Up at GFTX!

Today we have two great pieces of news about the Cybertruck first news is about the Tesla Cybertruck interior photos and the second news is about the Tesla casting pile photos.

As you know this week we got 6+ news about the Tesla Cybertruck production, including frame casting, interior,  Stamping Machine, also 4680 Battery Cell details.

Cybertruck interior leaked

Cybertruck interior leaked

Another update comes from Cybertruck, Munro Live a world leader in reverse engineering and teardown benchmarking, shared a comparison video on youtube talking about the Cybertruck steering wheel, windshield, talk about dashboard material also compare yoke steering wheel with Model Y and Model S.

Usually, we saw 3 spoke yoke steering without a connected top but in the coming Cybertruck Tesla offers 2-spoke yoke steering.

you can also go through the detail :

As you know Cybertruck comes with a modern Yoke steering wheel from its launch in 2019(never come with a conventional Steering wheel), this same yoke steering is used in Model S and Model X.

The first Yoke steering is spotted in the all-electric Cybertruck Alpha prototype but the recent teaser images clearly show that Tesla improved the Yoke steering wheel in terms of features it added some driver rest a hand features, including a capacitive button for turn signals quite similar to sedan and SUV.

But as per the Tesla community news suggest, the Tesla is testing a Cybertruck prototype equipped with a round steering wheel could be seen in the Optimus demo video posted on Youtube this week, at the end of the video, which features a closeup of Humanoid robots, by mistakenly spot round steering wheel behind humanoid, you can see the below image.

Cybertruck interior leaked

Tesla Cybertruck reservation holders, including veteran truck owners, have warned Tesla that using a yoke-only steering wheel for the all-electric pickup truck would be inconvenient and dangerous, especially if the vehicle were to be used for work. Tesla should offer a round steering wheel option as well, so that customers can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Here are some of the reasons why veteran truck owners are concerned about the yoke-only steering wheel:

  • It is difficult to use for precise maneuverings, such as when backing up or parking in tight spaces.
  • It can be uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time, especially on long road trips.
  • It could be dangerous in emergency situations, such as when the driver needs to quickly turn the wheel to avoid an obstacle.

Frame castings

Another piece of news we got from JoeTegtmeyer, he shared a couple of images of the interesting castings on the north end of Giga Texas this morning, this is the 3rd time JoeTegtmeyer shared Images of Tesla Cybertruck front castings have been seen.

Cybertruck interior leaked

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