Damon HyperFighter Electric Super Naked Unveiled

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The Damon HyperFighter super naked has been unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in three trims, with different performances and features.

Electric Bike

Candian startup Damon Motorcycle has taken to show off the brand’s second motorcycle line knowns as Hyperfighter colossus, at consumer Electric show in Las Vegas in three trim, with different performance and features.


Damon is an Indian company, is famous for its beach, Portuguese colonial architecture used advanced technology. It has multiple Variant of electric vehicles available in India but they are too expensive.The Hyperfighter is related to the Deman Hyper Sport superbike, first revealed in 2020.

It is available in three variant colossus, unlimited 15, unlimited 20. The main difference between them is unlimited 15 is powered by a 15kW battery pack & the motor that produces approx 15bhp. The brand claimed a range of 193kilometers and the peak speed approx 241km/h. All three use the Hypersport’s monocoque chassis, but the more expensive Colossus gets premium wheels, single-sided swingarm, Ohlins suspension, and Brembo brakes.


Talking about the Hyperfighter advanced feature used in that, Hyperfighter come with a co-pilot, has an advanced 360-degree warming system that uses the radar, camera, and sensors to track moving object, also track electronic ergonomics that allow the radar to position the handlebars and windscreen to individual performance.

electric Damon Hyperfighter


Hyperfighter colossus has a 20kWh battery offered 235km of range and has features of 19bhp of power. according to the brand, colossus has a top speed of 274km/h and also said that it will hit 100km/h in just 3 seconds.

Build quality

Damon’s groundbreaking HyperDrive is the world’s first monocoque-constructed, 100 percent electric, multi-variant powertrain; forming the nucleus of all our motorcycles.

The structural powerhouse reduces weight, improves balance, and gives HyperFighter some intense numbers.


Speaking about the pricing point of view.

Hyperfighter is too expensive $35,000 will Rs26Lakh in Indian rupees. In case of unlimited 20 and unlimited 15 variants have priced around $25,000 to $19,000.For further detail, you can check out the official website of Damon.


Damon Hyperfighter
Peak Torque200Nm
Top Speed170mph
mile range146
Build QualityPremium Wheels and bodykit


QWho is the founder of Damon Motors?

Ans: Jay Giraud is the founder and CEO.

QWhat is the Damon Hyperfighter price in India?

Ans: it’ll cost you $25,000 (Rs 18.6 lakh).

QDamon Hyperfighter available in India?

Ans: Ultr100 fully optional HyperFighter Colossus “First-in-Line” motorcycles will be available worldwide for pre-order beginning December 8 at 9 a.m. ET on to the source.

QWhere are Damon motorcycles located?

Ans: headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

QWhat is the price of Damon electric motorcycles?

Ans: The Damon HyperFighter is priced at USD 35,000 it may be around Rs 26 lakh.

QHow much Damon HyperSport premier electric fast than other electric vehicle?

Ans: According to the brand, Daman Hypersport premier has the highest mph 200-MPH(Miles per hour ).

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