Delhi govt to host fourth EV forum on August 10

Delhi govt to host fourth EV forum on August 10, with the aim to celebrate two years of successful implementation of “Delhi EV Policy”, to felicitate all key stakeholders for contribution EV policy.

On Monday, 25 July 2022, the Delhi government will plan to host the 4th EV forum on 10 August 2022, to celebrate the 2years of successful implementation of the “Delhi EV Policy“, DDC(Dialogue & development commissions) will launch the “Charging infrastructure Action Plan For Delhi”, the forum will host under NDMC(New Delhi Municipal Committee) convention center, in collaboration with RMI.

Also, this forum was released in the presence of government dignitaries, like the Transport minister of Delhi, Kalish Gahlot, Jasmin Shah, vice-chairperson, DDC Delhi, Ashish Kundra, PSCC(Principal secretary-cum-commissioner ), all have upcoming plans to accelerate e-mobility ecosystem.

DDC also gives statements that “the Kejriwal government to host the 4th Delhi EV Forum on 10 August to celebrate two years of successful implementation of the Delhi EV Policy, notified on 7th August 2020,”.

As we all know the Delhi government continuously encourages people to adopt electric vehicles instead of IC vehicles also, offers subsidies on different vehicles with a long time of warranty on batteries & EVs, the last few months government launched the “Delhi EV Policy“, to aware people towards EV & reveals plan to establish a dedicated EV cell to speed up the adoption of electric vehicles, which also gives a boost to Delhi policy.

Delhi government also unveiled 2 years of Delhi EV policy data and achievements were done in two years of journey, thanks to all key stakeholders for contributions towards Delhi EV policy.

To felicitate key stakeholders, the government launched the “Switch Delhi EV awards” to congratulate all stakeholders and role models in the e-mobility ecosystem, it felicitates leaders across 15 categories, giving thanks to those contributing towards EV, making Delhi as “India EV Delhi ‘ said by Transport minister Kailash Gahlot.

The upcoming forum target to invite key stakeholders, academicians, and international sectoral experts to discuss all the 2 years of experience, learning, failures, and achievements will be discussed on the meeting, and accelerating e-mobility ecosystem strategy will be discussed on this meeting soon.

Delhi EV policy report, EV sales increased by 3X compared to last passing years, It has been average 10% of total new sales on monthly basis with high sales 12.5% in march 2022m also in past 2019-2022 EV accounted that only 12.5% new vehicles registered.

As per the Autocar India reports, EV clocks 4,29,217 units sold in FY22 when compared to last year’s 1,34,841 units sold in FY 2021 and 1,68,300 units registered in FY20, this criteria will indicate that EV policy helps people to adopt electric vehicles, also encourage people s to acquire EV instead of IC vehicles.

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