Delhi Govt. to launch open platform for EV players, can be access more>2,500 in Delhi

Delhi Govt. to launch an open platform for EV players, which can be accessed by more> than 2,500 in Delhi, this open database platform also launched for the bus transit in later 2021 which goes a success that’s why the government planned to launch two-four electric wheelers also.

Delhi Govt. to launch open platform for EV players
Delhi Govt. to launch open platform for EV players

The government, open database facility was specially launched for EV players who want to develop a platform for Ev, which will easily access information about the charging & battery swapping stations on DELHI Government Portal.

Right now, Government announced to launch of around 2,500 charging points in Delhi, which will have a plan to expand to 18,000 EV charging points by 2025 said Kailesh Ghalot, Transport minster.

This kind of Open database platform also roll out for Bus transit in 2021 it gots succeed that’s why the government launched this open database for Two-four EV players also.

On August 7, 2020,The Delhi EV Policy was launched and as per the clause 6.4.2 of the policy, “An open, publicly-owned database shall be developed by the Transport Department, GNCTD, offering historical and real-time information on public charging infrastructure.” Following the policy, the Delhi transport department has now put in place an open, publicly-owned database.

“Delhi’s progressive EV policy has made it the leader in the adoption of EVs in the country. The Open Database by the Delhi government adds to this and would make it easier to recharge an EV.”
Ankit Mittal, CEO of Sheru, said

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