Electric 2-wheeler registered is raised by 1.6% MoM: In February Month

Electric 2-wheeler registered is raised by 1.6% MoM

Electric 2-wheeler registration increased 1.6% MoM to 65,625 units in February

In electric two-wheeler ola electric, Ather energy, and Tvs Motor, these companies cover 50% of total ev registration.

ola electric registration dropped to 17,616 units in February, and was down 3.8% MoM(Month-of-Month), whereas Ather registration rose by 8% and Tvs motor by 20.3%.

February is an electrifying month, we saw massive growth in the electric two-wheeler segment, many companies launch new scooters, bikes or many startups joined the EV race, but some EV companies get much registration Tvs motor, Ather energy, and Ampere.

We saw 65,623 electric two-wheelers sold in February month, with a 2.21% increase in growth rate compared to last month’s 64,203. let saw a detailed overview of companies.

14 Electric 2-wheeler companies

SNOEV companiesDec 2022Jan 2023Feb 2023MOM change(%)
2Ather energy7,6909,2249,9598
4Hero Electric 8,1006,3995,855-8.5
7Ola electric 17,36018,31317,616-3.8
8Pure ev780716488-31.8
9Revolt motor371479464.3
SNOEV companiesJan 2023Feb 2023MOM change(%)
11Okaya EV12931231-4.80
12Kinetic Green1026815-20.57

4 new scooter launch in Feb Month

Okaya Faast, Introduce 2 Electric Scooter Faast F2F, and Faast F3 F3 has a 120-160 km top range and F2F has an 80km top range.

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Hindustan power, is an Indian two-wheeler manufacturing company famous for its electric scooter launch its upgraded version of its VesPro, with extra range and features.

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River introduces e-scooter comes with 2 variants of Utility and lifestyle both having similar design language but different technical configurations.

Also read: River Indie

Ola Electric, introduce 5 new battery options with different capacities, where 3 new variants of ola s1 air and 3 new variants of ola s1.

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