Elon Musk to Meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Silicon Valley to Discuss AI and Address Growing Concerns on X

Elon Musk to Meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Silicon Valley to Discuss AI and Address Growing Concerns on X

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to meet with Elon Musk, the owner of X, in Silicon Valley on Monday, as confirmed by an official in Netanyahu’s office. The focus of their discussions will be on artificial intelligence technology. Netanyahu had already planned to visit California before heading to the U.N. General Assembly in New York.

Elon Musk to Meet Israeli

During his Silicon Valley visit, Netanyahu aims to strengthen relations with high-tech sector executives, which play a crucial role in Israel’s economy. It remains uncertain whether Netanyahu will meet with President Joe Biden during this trip, given Biden’s concerns about judicial reforms undertaken by Netanyahu’s right-wing government.

Recent reports indicate a significant increase in hate speech on X since Musk acquired the platform and relaxed content moderation safeguards. Musk mentioned a 60% decline in U.S. ad revenue on the platform last week.

The meeting appears to be part of an effort by Musk’s associates and friends in the Jewish community to address the mounting criticism surrounding the rise of antisemitic content on X. The White House and Musk did not immediately comment on the meeting, but Musk stated on X that it had been scheduled weeks in advance and would primarily focus on artificial intelligence technology.

Civil rights organizations such as the Center for Countering Digital Hate and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) have reported a substantial increase in hate speech on X since Musk’s takeover. The ADL noted both an uptick in antisemitic content and a decrease in the moderation of such posts under Musk’s leadership. Similarly, slurs against other marginalized groups saw significant increases.

Musk has attributed the decline in ad revenue to critics and has singled out the ADL, even referring to it as the “Defamation League.” He recently engaged in a conversation on X with the hashtag #BantheADL, which gained traction among white nationalists and antisemites. This has raised concerns about content moderation on the platform and its suitability for advertising.

President Biden has not met with Netanyahu since his re-election in December, partly due to concerns about judicial changes in Israel and the expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Foreign investment in Israeli tech startups has also declined, in part due to investor apprehension about the Supreme Court’s reduced powers, resulting in a weakened shekel against the dollar.

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