Elon says latest version of Full Self-Driving is called Rodeo.

Today Elon confirmed that the new version of Full Self-Driving is called Rodeo. so upcoming FSD updates will called Rodeo.

On X @sawymerritt also confirmed that Elon finally changed the name of FSD, this latest Full self-driving version uses the neural network uses Advanced technology to enhance autonomous features & get more actual results, and analyze any object better compared to the processor, this kind of news we got from last month Tesla’s FSD v12 for the first time will use an “end-to-end” neural network approach to autonomous driving.

We went through a similar process at Tesla with Full Self-Driving where it started off with almost entirely C++ code and then gradually became more and more a neural net. And now, the latest version of Full Self-Driving, called Rodeo, is entirely neural nets. I think that’s going to be very compelling for the recommended feed. It’s going to be a game-changer.

It will also mean that if somebody posts a very interesting reply, normally that is buried by default, that is buried with very little exposure, but sometimes the reply is more interesting than the original post. And we currently lose all that. With a purely Al-based system, whatever the reply is, if the reply is compelling, that will be shown more prominently than the original post if it’s compelling.

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