Enhancing EQA and EQB: Mercedes-Benz Unveils Stylish Facelifts for Optimal Appeal

Enhancing EQA and EQB: Mercedes-Benz Unveils Stylish Facelifts for Optimal Appeal

Mercedes has chosen to elevate the allure of its compact electric models, the EQA and EQB, with captivating facelifts. Wondering what these entail? Well, imagine if cars could indulge in a spa retreat for a rejuvenating transformation; these two have just experienced the royal treatment.


Beginning at the front, a new black panel surface adorned with a stellar motif takes the spotlight. Connected by a luminous strip, the headlights now feature daytime running lights resembling trendy fashion accessories. And if that wasn’t enough to grab your attention, the bumper has been robustly enhanced. Clearly, broader is unequivocally better. The rear hasn’t been overlooked either, as alterations to the taillights bid adieu to last season’s aesthetics.

Inside, a whole new realm awaits. The upgraded steering wheel showcases touch-sensitive control panels, and for a touch of opulence, why not opt for trim in brown lime open-pore wood? Oh, and let’s not forget the illuminated Mercedes-Benz pattern, because who needs subtlety anyway?

Beyond the visual delights, these compact marvels provide up to four Sound Experiences in collaboration with the Burmester surround sound system. And for those yearning for a concert-like journey, Dolby Atmos steps in to turn your musical fantasies into reality.

Recognizing the potential of enhancing range through aerodynamic adjustments and tire optimization, Mercedes has taken the EQA to an astonishing 560 km of effortless gliding. Yet, if this still fails to impress your eco-conscious neighbor, the car also offers the option to curtail functions like air conditioning to maximize range.


For those with a penchant for towing their weekend getaway trailers, the EQB now boasts an available trailer hitch. Before you envision towing a mansion, bear in mind it can tow up to 1,700 kg—more than sufficient for a weekend escape!

emember those futuristic movies where everything operated automatically? We’re drawing nearer to that reality. Thanks to the Mercedes meCharge feature, connecting your EQA or EQB to a public charging station initiates the charging process without the hassle of lengthy authentication procedures. Payment details are securely stored in the vehicle, negating the need to rummage for credit cards. Even if you left your wallet at home, your new Mercedes remains capable of getting its dose of power.

The MBUX, Mercedes’ digital cockpit system, hasn’t been left behind in this makeover. Now a part of the standard equipment, the interface showcases enhanced charging capabilities and an intelligent voice assistant that has seemingly undergone advanced schooling, excelling in conversation and learning.


Since 2022, Mercedes has been producing carbon-neutral cars, a feat that extends to the EQA and EQB models. With the revamped EQA and EQB, the company vows to push the boundaries even further. A few years ago, the carbon footprint wasn’t a pivotal aspect of car sales, but now it’s as ubiquitous as electric windows and ABS.

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Both the EQA and EQB have received their inaugural refresh. While not a midlife overhaul, this substantial rejuvenation incorporates all the latest technological advancements, updates the aesthetic appeal, and conveniently provides Mercedes with a valid reason to adjust the price tags—because, naturally, that’s to be expected.


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