Ford aiming for 2 Million BEVs in 2026, learn what inverters say. | What do you say Ford will do or not?

On Wednesday we get from CNBC media that Ford Motor announces as part of the bigger restructuring of its evs and legacy operations, its plans to produce 2 million battery-powered electric vehicles in 2026 & achieve a target of adjustable operating profit margin of 10% by 2026.

Ford Motor also said that in 2021 Ford has a 7.3% adjustable operating profit. it sold only 64,000 all-electric Mustang Mach E crossovers worldwide, including 27,140 in the united states.

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If you don’t know about the Ford restructuring plan, it plans to separate its business into electric & ICE(internal combustion engine) this same concept followed by Tata you can go through it.

“Investors applauded the plans, driving the automaker’s shares up 8.4% on Wednesday to $18.10 per share. The value of Ford’s shares has decreased by almost 13% this year.”

Today we also get from Tesla ShareHolder @NicklasNilsso14 :

Ford aiming for 2Million BEVs in 2026

Let me est how deliveries have to look like to meet the target.

  • 2023 250k
  • 2024 500k
  • 2025 1.000k
  • 2026 2.000k

100% growth each year!!!! Let me put it this way This is impossible! Someone, tell Jim!

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