Ford and SK Unveil Mega Battery Factory in Quebec’s Battery Valley! Get Ready to Be Amazed!” 🚗⚡🔥

🚀 Exciting News! Ford and SK Join Forces for a Mega Battery Factory in Quebec’s “Battery Valley”! 🚗⚡

Ford and SK

Get ready for a big boost in electric vehicles! Ford and SK, a cool battery maker from Korea, just revealed their amazing plan. 🎉 They’re teaming up to build a super-duper battery factory, and guess where? In Becancour, a special place known as Quebec’s battery valley! 🏞️

Ford and SK have already built or talked about lots of battery factories in the US to make awesome batteries for their cool electric cars. They’re serious about making lots and lots of electric vehicles! 🚗🔌

But guess what? It’s not just about the batteries themselves. These two awesome companies want to build everything that goes into making a battery right here in North America! 🌎⚡

And now, they’ve got some fantastic news to share. Ford, SK, and their buddy EcoProBM, who knows a lot about cathodes, are teaming up to build a massive, brand-new factory in Bécancour, Quebec. What’s a cathode, you ask? It’s a super important part of a battery that makes it work. 🛠️🔋

Together, they’re putting in a huge amount of money – C$1.2 billion – to create a place that will make special stuff for batteries that will power Ford’s future electric cars. 🚗🔋 They’re planning to start making these battery materials in the first half of 2026, and they want to make a whopping 45,000 tonnes of this special stuff each year! 🌟

They’re calling it “EcoPro CAM Canada LP.” That’s a fancy name, but what it really means is they’re going to make some top-quality stuff called “Nickel Cobalt Manganese” for batteries that will make electric cars go even farther and work even better. 🚗⚡

Oh, and here’s a fun fact: the factory is going to be in Quebec’s battery valley! 🏞️ It’s named that because lots of smart people are investing in making battery stuff there. Ford says they’re already building it – it’s going to be a massive, six-floor building with lots of space. And guess what? It’ll bring around 345 new jobs for awesome folks in Canada! 🇨🇦

From fancy engineers to helpful sales and service pros, and even students from local schools, this place is going to be buzzing with activity. 🛠️📚 Plus, they’re going to do some cool research to make batteries safer, better, and more eco-friendly. 🌿

Right now, there’s not much of this special battery stuff in North America. So, this big plan is going to help Ford make sure their electric cars are super cool and can get a special tax credit from the government. 🤑🔌

Get ready for a brighter, greener future with Ford and SK’s amazing battery factory adventure! 🌟🔋🚗

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