Ford patents roof-mounted backup battery for EVs , Say Goodbye to EV Range

Ford patents roof-mounted backup battery for EVs ,Say Goodbye to EV Range Anxiety with Roof-Mounted Backup Battery! 🚀🔋 Click Now to Uncover the Future of Electric Driving!”

A recently unveiled Ford patent application offers a unique approach to extending the range of electric vehicles (EVs). Published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on June 8, 2023 (originally filed on December 8, 2021), the application bears the title “Electrified Vehicle Roof-Mounted Battery Backup”—and its purpose is precisely what the name suggests.

Here are the Images that Ford shared on the website:

The first visual representation showcases an SUV resembling a Bronco, equipped with a roof-mounted carrier connected to a charging cable. The concept revolves around attaching an additional battery pack to the roof of an EV, serving as an auxiliary power source when conventional charging stations are unavailable.

The patent application also includes detailed images illustrating a streamlined housing for the backup battery, reminiscent of standard rooftop cargo carriers. This design could incorporate air channels to facilitate battery cooling and utilize conventional roof rack attachments, rendering it removable. However, the prospect of maneuvering a substantial battery pack onto or off a car’s roof presents practical challenges.

Ford patents roof-mounted backup battery

Notably, Ford isn’t the initial automaker to propose the idea of EV drivers carrying supplementary battery packs to combat range anxiety. In 2019, Rivian revealed a patent for a removable battery, with CEO RJ Scaringe hinting at production plans. Nevertheless, Rivian has not yet pursued this concept.

It remains uncertain whether Ford will proceed with this concept. A patent application signifies intent rather than a confirmed product plan. Additionally, if the roof-mounted battery were to enter production, it would likely find practical use as an accessory for overlanding or off-roading adventures. On extended road trips, the increased weight and aerodynamic resistance could potentially outweigh its advantages.

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