Ford’s Wireless Charging Patent Application Enabling On-the-Go Charging for EVs

The discourse surrounding electric vehicles (EVs) and their influence on our lives is progressing, mirroring the evolution of these vehicles themselves as they incorporate new features and technologies. Initially, concerns about range anxiety held prominence, but these have gradually shifted to apprehensions about charging durations and accessibility. With an increasing number of EVs boasting impressive range projections, many car manufacturers have sought inspiration from Tesla’s reliable and extensive charging network. However, these manufacturers have also persisted in developing their own solutions.

Ford, a pioneer in joining Tesla’s Supercharger network, exemplifies this trend. Recently, Green Car Reports uncovered a patent application filed by Ford in 2022, shedding light on a fascinating wireless EV charging concept. Ford’s patent, titled “Roadway Charging Coil Alignment and Monitoring,” revolves around inductive charging for electric vehicles. Distinguishing itself from conventional systems, this innovation aims to charge vehicles in motion by utilizing charging coils embedded within the surface of roadways.

Similar to the process of adjusting your wireless smartphone charger to find the optimal position, the driver would be required to align the vehicle’s batteries with the underlying charging components. Addressing this challenge, Ford’s patent proposes the implementation of ground-penetrating radar and an array of sensors to facilitate precise alignment.

In essence, Ford’s groundbreaking patent explores the potential of on-the-go wireless charging for EVs, introducing a novel and inventive approach to the ongoing pursuit of efficient and convenient electric vehicle charging solutions.

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