Free charging day at Tesla: queues and creative parking at Few superchargers

Tesla recently offered a special deal where you could charge your electric car for free. This happened on the tenth anniversary of the first Supercharger stations in Norway. People in 27 European countries, including those with electric cars from different brands, could benefit from this offer.

Free charging day

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Tesla announced it on a platform at 9 a.m. that day. Before the official announcement, some people had already arrived because they noticed that the Tesla app showed a price of 0 cents per kilowatt-hour. The news confirmed that this was on purpose and that it applied to other electric car brands too.

In one place near Hanover, where all-electric car brands could charge, a few Tesla cars were already charging after 9 a.m. More joined throughout the day. Some people knew about the free charging day, but others didn’t. As the day went on, more people came, and the app showed that the charging stations were getting busier. There were also more non-Tesla cars using these charging stations.

In another location called Hilden, all 40 Tesla charging spots were full, and it got very crowded. To avoid blocking two spots, a Fiat 500 was parked between the charging pillars.

The operator of the Hilden charging station later said that it was very busy but with minimal waiting times. More non-Tesla cars were seen using Tesla charging stations than usual. This was one of the goals of the campaign – to encourage other car brands to use Tesla chargers, learn about Tesla cars, and use the Tesla app. In Germany, most of the Tesla charging network is already open to all cars.

In the evening, the Tesla app showed that other Supercharger locations in Germany, like Hamburg, Munich, and the Ruhr area, were also busy. Tesla stations in other European cities, from Madrid to London, were crowded too. However, there were no long waiting times or power outages.

Overall, Tesla’s charging infrastructure handled the extra demand well, and it wasn’t overloaded. Tesla might have done this free charging day to test its infrastructure and gather data for future improvements. They also mentioned that they have new Supercharger columns with longer cables to prevent creative parking in the future.

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