Get Ready for the Mind-Blowing Tesla Model 3 Highland – New Specs, New Prices, New Excitement! 🚀🔥

Get Ready for the Mind-Blowing Tesla Model 3 Highland – New Specs, New Prices, New Excitement! 🚀🔥

So far, most of the exciting buzz about the upcoming Tesla Model 3 Highland version has sprung from China 🇨🇳. Snapped photos of these sleek electric vehicles draped in mystery tarps have surfaced from the US 🇺🇸. But now, China is stepping up its game and treating us to the very first glimpses: A bold blogger recently shared a snap featuring three semi-hidden Model 3s braving testing in a rugged environment, said to be the Xinjiang region. Hold your breath, because there’s more: A keen user on the Musk Platform X, chiming in all the way from Taiwan, spilled the beans about the thrilling Highland specs and options.

While elusive Model 3 Highlands have made sporadic appearances on American roads, the Chinese revelation displays a trio of these beauties all at once. Xinjiang, also dubbed as Uyghuria, sits far northwest and a long way off from Tesla’s bustling Gigafactory on the eastern shores. A huge chunk of this terrain is desert, sizzling with extreme summer heat – the perfect playground for heat endurance trials.

Not just content with test drives, the China chapter also sprinkles in some mystery. Just like the earlier US shots, these Chinese captures keep the front and back shrouded, leaving room for speculation and excitement, hinting at a sleeker front-end design perhaps 🤔. But hold tight, because the thrill doesn’t stop there. A vigilant member of the X platform, claiming Taiwan as their HQ, shared some exclusive “highland highlights” on a Tuesday, unveiling a treasure trove of juicy details. Brace yourselves: The revamped Tesla sensation is expected to flaunt a slightly longer, wider, and lower stance compared to its older sibling.

Think 4.72 meters in length, 2.09 meters in width, and 1.43-1.44 meters in height – talk about being drop-dead gorgeous! But wait, there’s more to this story: Tesla is all set to jazz up the Model 3 lineup, with rumors swirling about a dazzling five versions on the horizon! 🌟 From a pocket-friendly “ultra low cost” champ to a swanky “super expensive” showstopper that overshadows even the Model 3 Performance, get ready for a rollercoaster of choices.

And just like adding an extra layer of frosting on a delectable cake 🍰, this fresh inclusion would inject new life into the existing smorgasbord of up to four Model 3 flavors in Europe (a couple more than in China and a lucky one more than in the USA). But here’s the scoop: The base model and the Model 3 LR RWD, flaunting a beefier battery and keeping it cool with just rear-wheel drive, might feel a bit less fancy compared to their siblings.

Unlike the other three siblings, their refreshed versions might miss out on the rear seat monitor and ambient interior lighting – a small trade-off for the other grand features! Oh, and that dazzling Autopilot hardware generation 4, complete with snazzy new hardware and snappier cameras? Well, don’t count on it being part of the party for these models.

As for the grand unveiling, the rumors have been flying. Word on the street is that Tesla is planning to exclusively manufacture the Highland version of the Model 3 in China 🚗, aiming to strut it down the showroom catwalk by the end of August. But hold onto your seats, because things are about to ramp up big time by late September! If that isn’t enough to get your heart racing, the grapevine suggests that the revamped Model 3 is set to flaunt a fresher price tag in China.

Brace yourselves: the entry-level Model 3 is poised to come in at a new local price tag of 200,000 renminbi, marking a tantalizing 13.4% dip from the previous cost – that’s roughly €25,000 in European currency. And for all those Performance enthusiasts out there, the current price tag of 331,900 renminbi (around €42,000) in China might be in for a little shakeup – especially for the plush new luxury variant. 🌠

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