Giga Berlin began Production of the Tesla Model Y with BYD battery in Germany

Today we get from Germany Tesla reporter, the base variant of model Y with BYD LFP battery has started in the Tesla Germany plant, this is great news for all German customers who planning to buy Tesla model y, but also we get two new from tesla that Tesla has signed at 4th partnership with battery provider called BYD, Chinese LFP battery manufacturer, expert in building LFP cell in form Blade format.


This LFP battery is already used in Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in China with a standard range.

The first news we get on Thursday, they had received a vehicle identification number for a basic Tesla Model Y from Grünheide.

As you know Tesla entry-level model y will launch in variant countries but all these have little but changes with some features addon or remove when talking about the Tesla Model y entry-level configuration it has an electric motor mounted on the rear wheel which generates 279miles of power or can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 5 seconds, it also expects its price will nearly to $49,990.

We also get news about the Tesla entry-level model y that launched in Canada config, it also uses one electric motor mounted on the rear rims rim size is not revealed yet, and it uses an LFP battery offering 245 miles of range, it will launch at $43,800.

According to, the Model Y will use the LFP battery pack powered by CATL that has 60KWh of max Capacity, We were so confused about the battery provider, One report stated that the battery came from CATL, and another report stated that the battery came from BYD.

Giga Berlin began Production of the Tesla Model Y with BYD

 we found an EU-type approval for the Tesla Model Y with a structural LFP battery with a capacity of 55 kWh. The battery manufacturer? BYD.

We also get interesting news from automakers that the new Tesla model y will have mega coasts at both the ends front as well as rear, the mega casting machinery is already set up at the Tesla Giga Berlin factory.

To know more about the battery pack can go through the source.

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