GM Motors recalls more than 40,000 Pickups due to fire risk & advises the owner to park the truck outdoor

Today we get news from the media that GM Motors recalls more than 40,000 due to the short circuit.

The GM Motor advised the Pickup owner to park their truck outdoors until the repair is done.

The reason for the short circuit is a potential leak in the brake fluid which caused the fire.

GM Motors recalls more than 40,000

The recalled model includes a Chevrolet Silverado medium-duty truck from model year 2019.

Other model like 4500HD , 5500HD and 6500HD with model b/w 2019 to 2023 shared by U.S. safety regulators in document

The detectors said the vehicles may be on the brake pressure sensor assembly which allows brake fluid to leak & result in fire.

GM hasn’t included the model before 2019, this problem occurred from 2019 to 2023 so, if you have the model shown above kindly care about the fire risk.

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