Hacked electric charging station in Russia shows “Putin is DickHead” and “Glory to Ukraine”

Hacked electric charging station in Russia shows “Putin is DickHead” and “Glory to Ukraine“.

Electric vehicle charging the owner of Russia, outside Moscow has reported that a charging station is operated by “Россети” you will get complete knowledge about this.

Electric charging station with Russian m11 motorways which spread from Moscow to Saint Petersburg is not showing anything because Ukrainian company that provides parts of an electric charger hacked using a backdoor in the charger from the Fb page RUSSIAN energy company ROSSETTI.

In this post the admin describes how many chargers are deactivated: how and why? the reason is that the chargers were bought by a Russian-based company that had outsourced production to a Ukrainian component supplier known as “Auto Enterprise”, a Kharkiv-based electric vehicle manufacture company.

In this post also, you will see how many chargers are deactivated and they have been showing an “anti-Putin message”. on that point Rossetti said, the charger has been isolated from the rest of the network bundle & all of them will be working soon.

Now, the cyber team is working on it to solve this problem and this cyberattack also affect electric charging station in the country.

The Russian power company was shut down in apparent hack a video, shows that it was showing an anti-Putin message which is displayed in Ukrainian and Russian language.

credit: Interesting As Fuck

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