Harley-Davidson new lower-cost electric bike coming in Q2 under the sub-brand of LiveWire

Harley Davidson American automaker company is growing very frequently in electric vehicles and generating huge revenue in an electric field.


Harley-Davidson, from the report company, get a boom of 32% in revenue in 2021. The company announced on the earnings call that its next electric bike comes under the sub-brand, called LiveWire.


In 2019 Harley-Davidson, growth increased when it launched its first production of electric bikes, the livewire after getting massive results. In 2021 Harley-Davidson decided to continue their interest in electric bikes operations into sub-brand, LiveWire.

In the Last past Year, the brand unveiled that LiveWire will go public via a SPAC deal and also announced that their next electric bike Del mar under the LiveWire sub-brand, said John Zeitz, CEO of the company.

LiveWire Del mar is the first bike developed on a new arrow platform, designed for a lower-cost foundation for several upcoming electric bikes models.

The all-new name Harley-Davidson LiveWire, produce the Arrow platform and uses a Structural battery pack that largely replaces the frame the battery was home-made production by Harley-Davidson engineers and is comprised of 21700-format cylindrical Lion-battery calls.


LiveWire one is the electric bike built for urban experience with extreme power and range of taking you beyond and has features has a haptic heartbeat – adding touching humanity to electricity also produce 6-axis IMU tracks, measures, and anticipates charge.

LiveWire has the capability of 146miles of city range and adding additional features of connector that display stream directions, monitors alert and track our recharge status.

let us come to Livewire build features, has 84ft-lb of peak torque and heavy horsepower of 100HP, with integrated Bluetooth connectivity and TFT display screen for further detail visit the official website.

Livewire bike has an instrument cluster that will display an LCD color screen, there is a complete electronic suit is available. there are also features like track control and seven riding modes that you can switch while riding the bike and satellite navigation is also available.

Talking about the price of LiveWire 50Lakh in Indian rupees and the expected date of launching is June 2022.

Q: Who is the founder of Livewire?

Ans: Mr. Sunil Jha is the founder of LiveWire.

Q: Are livewire cables good?

Ans: yes, Livewire uses high connectivity cables that enhance their production.

Q: Can livewire fly?

Ans: No, not now.

Q: What power does Livewire have?

Ans: According to the company, Livewire is pure electricity and capability to absorb a vast quantity of electricity.

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