Harley Davidson S2 Del Mar LE Launch Edition sold out within a minute of online booking

Harley Davidson S2 Del Mar LE Launch Edition sold out within a minute of online booking.

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Harley Davidson is an electric motorcycle company dedicated to LiveWire that has introduced its all-new electric Motorcycle as the name S2 Del Mar LE, Limited to just 100units in the U.S. and already sold out.

Highlights of Harley Davidson S2 Del Mar LE

  • The Del mar Le is built around the company’s new Arrow platform.
  • Get a 160km riding range.
  • No fast charging facility
  • Harley Del Mar LE is dedicated based on the EV platform.

Intro of LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE

Harley Davidson Inc. is an American Motorcycle manufacturer that unveiled its all-electric bike S2 Del Mar LE where LE Stands for Launch Edition, S2 is smaller, lighter, and cheaper than its LiveWire One which sells at $22,799. S2 went on pre-order in the U.S. with a limited edition sadly, other people have to wait for the next batch which might take place in early 2023.

Last year, 2021, Harley Davidson announced its all-new electric motorcycle brand LiveWire as part of the Harley company’s effort to rapidly evolve in the electric vehicle marketplace. LiveWire will still be 74% owned by Harley Davidson as per the report.

S2 Del Mar LE: Architecture and battery pack

The all-new electric Motorcycle S2 Del Mar is based on the S2 arrow architecture and is a modular platform dedicatedly built for an electric motorcycle of the LiveWire brand in the future. under S2 arrow, the bike comes with a proprietary battery pack, charging, electric motor, and the electronic system as one unit, which then fully integrated chassis and powertrain. the company also said that livewire S2 del required 44% less time to build compared to livewire one.

Harley Davidson S2 Del Mar LE Specification

Harley Davidson S2 del has a riding range of 160km on a single charge with a target power of 80hp horsepower which is quite less than its previous one, it covers 0-100kmph within 3.5s.

Fuel TypeElectric
Wireless connectivityYes
Horse Power80HP
Fast charging facilityNO

S2 Del is 25% lighter than its livewire One, the range of S2 del in city or crowd areas is expected to be 100miles or 160km, Livewire also announces that s2 del has the capability of L1 and L2 charging but it doesn’t have any fast charging facility.

Harley Davidson S2 Del Mar LE: Style, taillights, and exterior design

S2 del has a street bob and a sporty character with sharp corners that enhances the bike’s look and attract more people.

Let us talk about the features of the S2 del mar, it has Gps and internet connectivity along with OTA update support, an LED taillight, and a flyscreen above it, and its LE model has PCB cast alloy wheel that matches its spoke wheel design.

OTA stands for Over-the-Air update and it is a wireless method of delivering new software or firmware to mobile phones and tablets.

Color in Harley Davidson S2 Del Mar LE

S2 Del mar LE edition variant has basically two color schema Jasper Grey and comet Indigo, the paint is applied by hand so it will require days to complete.

Price of LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE

The price of LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE in the U.S. market is $17,699, As the same price might be available outside the U.S., but the company is not mentioned an Indian launch of S2 del Mar.

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Credit to LiveWire EV

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