Harley Davidson Will Transition To Full Electric “Natural Evolution” Says CEO

Harley Davidson Will Transition To Full Electric “Natural Evolution” Says CEO, Jochen Zeitz, instead of having a sub-brand Livewire, planning to bring numbers of electric bikes lineup in different segments like commuters, lightweight, ADV-bikes.

5 things to know about Harley Davidson Livewire e-motorcycle

Harley Davidson, CEO Jochen Zeitz confirmed that the company is a plan to showcase its electric bike lineup, one day HD will stop production of the V-twin engine and will produce only fully electric bikes, also said this transition takes time. It’s not something you do overnight.

In back 2017-18, the Company introduced its sub-brand livewire and launch its first electric bike in the market, but this Harley’s next step to electrification in order to reach the market competition.

In the market, there are many giant automakers are present who unveiled their first electric bike like Volvo, Fait, Mercedes, Buick, Bentley, and rolls-Royces which will be launched by 2030.

In an interview with dezeen, CEO Jochen also said that our accessible lightweight motorcycle will be co-developed by KYMCO, and plan to launch a high-speed iconic cruiser style.

Is LiveWire available in India?

LiveWire S2 Del Mar is expected to launch in India by quarter 2, 2023 no exact date is revealed.

What is LiveWire S2 Del Mar in India?

LiveWire S2 Del Mar will be launched in India at price below 20Lakh.

How many Livewires sold?

As per the prospectus, Harley Davidson sold 461 LiveWire bikes in 2021, providing $9 million in vehicle revenue.
In 2022, last year H-D sold 957 with $20 million in vehicle revenue.

Can you charge LiveWire at home?

yes, you can charge your livewire at home, in office also in a public place with H-D standard charger

Highlights Harley Davidson Livewire e-motorcycle

  • Livewire e-motorcycle uses high-performance SHOWA rear & front suspension
  • h-d offers 4. an inch liquid crystal touchscreen display
  • Harley Davidson Livewire offers you two charging options
  • Harley Davison also launches its application with the name HD connect

let’s start with the H-D livewire specs – livewire motorcycles come with instant acceleration combined with sophisticated technology, giving you a new riding experience and will not give you any delay while starting a motorcycle.

The pickup that livewire offers in its electric motorcycle is awesome it gives you the same vibes ICE motorcycle you may not get any delay while bootup your bike.

Detail specs Harley Davidson Livewire e-motorcycle

Harley Davidson Livewire e-motorcycle will deliver you a max range of 265km(146miles) in the city (totally depending upon the traffic) on a single charge, to boost performance livewire uses high voltage H-D revelation Pm electric motors that are able to provide 100% of its rated torque because of its instant acceleration.

Harley Davidson Will Transition To Full Electric

To make it easier handing the livewire located battery to the low center of gravity this same concept uses by the revolt motors electric bike rv400 which balances the bike.

Charging options in Harley Davidson Livewire e-motorcycle

Harley Davidson Livewire offers you two charging options, Ac charging you charge from a household, office, or any charging station, and Dc fast charging but Harley Davidson Livewire e-motorcycle forcefully said that you should you the standard HD charger may not use any third-party charger because it effects that vehicles performance.

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