Haryana EV policy approved, Unveil subsidy rates

Haryana EV policy approved, Unveil subsidy rates for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. the aim of the Haryana Government is to boost electric vehicles in the entire region. (how to apply for an electric vehicle subsidy in Haryana, Haryana EV policy launch date, tata Nexon EV subsidy in Haryana, tata Nexon EV subsidy in Haryana,Chandigarh EV policy)

Haryana EV policy
Haryana EV policy

Haryana Government officially unveils its subsidy rates for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles like Tata Nexon EV, Tata Nexon Prime, Max, and MG ZS EV also expected for Maruto Grand Vitta, Toyota Hyryder, and Honda City Hybrid.

Overview of Haryana EV Policy

Haryana Electric vehicles policy 2022 was passed by the state government, the aim of the Haryana Government is to boost electric vehicles in the entire region.

To create an ecosystem for EV manufacturing components in Haryana state, and build India’s largest EV manufacturing hub.

They offer subsidies on all EV vehicles including electric cars, hybrid cars, and two-three-wheelers.

Haryana State government has designated this calendar year as the “Year of the Electric Vehicles”, with the aim to enhance EV manufacturing in Haryana and build an EV Manufacturing Hub that will encourage people to acquire EVs and help to set up charging infrastructure.

Highlights Of Haryana EV Policy- Shorts

Haryana Government also talked about the subsidy rates for all electric variants:

  • 15% Subsidy for Electric two-three vehicles.
  • 15% Subsidy for Pure EV(Electric Vehicles) started from Rs. 15 Lakh – Rs. 40 Lakh.
  • 15% Subsidy for Hybrid Vehicles below Rs 40 Lakh.
  • 100% Motor tax, registration fees rebate for electric two-three wheelers.

Benefits of Haryana EV Policy

This Haryana plans to build a wide-scale EV manufacturing hub, with the aim of an eco-friendly environment by promoting EVs through exemption in taxes fees and helping the environment to reduce massive pollution as well as helping to establish charging infrastructure in Haryana.

The cities of Gurugram and Faridabad will be declared model Electric Mobility(EM) cities with the goal to acquire electric vehicles, charging, and hydrogen refueling infrastructure. (Gurugram is working on its pilot project to make cities e-mobility.)

Benefits in FCI(Fixed Capital Incentives), net SGST generates Job opportunities and other benefits help in EV manufacturing, apart from Capital gain, the EV sector will create approx a 10million Jobs in India by 2030 in the domain of designing, battery technology, charging infrastructure and management so, many opportunities that criteria indicate shows that how much potential EV has to make the economy stable, will produce more employment as per the downtoearth report.

Subsidies On Hybrid Vehicles

Let us talk about the hybrid vehicles subsidy, as you know that some state does not provide subsidy on hybrid vehicles, they only offer EVs but the Haryana government offers provides a flat 15% subsidy on hybrid vehicles with a maximum ceiling of Rs. 3Lakh for car price range below 40Lakh. Haryana policy is expected to benefit the Toyota urban Crusier Hyryder, Maruti Grand Vitara, MG Hector Plus, and Honda City eHEV.

As we all know that our transport minister, Nitin Gadkari incentive the hybrid car Toyota Mirai, showing that the hybrid car has better fuel efficiency and conserves more energy, thus emitting fewer carbon emissions, I think this is a great initiative for India.

There are 10 upcoming Hybrid cars available in India: Expected to be launched by 2023

  • Toyota Mirai
  • Toyota Glanza
  • Honda City
  • Maruti Suzuki Baleno
  • Maruti Suzuki Ciaz
  • Hyundai Ioniq
  • Mahindra TUV 300 Plus
  • Maruti Vitara Brezza
  • Toyota RAV 4
  • Maruti Suzuki Ertiga 

Subsidies On Pure EV (Electric Vehicles)

Speaking about the Pure EV, Haryana Govt. offers 15% subsidies on pure EVs that cost around Rs 15Lakh – 40Lakh with a maximum ceiling price of 6Lakh.

This subsidy benefits EVs like Tata Nexon Max, Tata Nexon EV, Tata Nexon Prime, Hyundai Kona, and MG ZS EV.

These Subsidies benefit electric two-three-wheelers, which will get 15% of the subsidy also discount on Motor tax, and a relaxation in the registration cost.

Additional Scheme for EV Valid for Next 6 month

Haryana Government announced some additional scheme for electric vehicles that will people in buying which will be valid next 6 month only.

Rs. 25,000 offE-Rickshaw/ Carts
Rs. 50,000 offELectric Light Motor Vehicles
Rs. 75,000 offElectric vehicles below the price of Rs. 10 Lakh
Rs. 1,00,000 offElectric vehicles above the price of Rs. 10 Lakh

MEML CEO Said about Haryana Policy

Suman Mishra, the CEO, of MEML(Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited), said, ‘We welcome this groundbreaking move by the Haryana Government to declare 2022 as the Year of EVs. What’s encouraging is that there is a comprehensive EV policy backing this move. Slashing emissions from the road transport sector forms a pivotal part of India’s efforts to de-carbonize its economy and a well-articulated, incentivized EV policy is crucial to creating a conducive environment for the adoption of EVs.’

CEEW-CEF analysis EV Growth

CEEW-CEF analysis EV Growth
Source: CEEW-CEF analysis

Key Point that CEEW mention:

  • 102 million Electric Vehicles by 2030 will need the deployment of 2.9 million public chargers.
  • It also analysis 158 GWh of battery demand by FY30 and also Commercial cars and electric two-three vehicles are to lead the replacement demand for batteries. Slow chargers are might need to account for 71% of the total public chargers. As per the CEEW report.


What is the List of government policies towards electric vehicles?

The Indian Government has policies that vehicles to be converted to electric vehicles by 2030. After 2025, only electric vehicles will be allowed to purchase, encourage people to acquire EVs as soon as possible will help you as well economy also.
Moreover, Government has a plan to phase out all fossil fuel-based commercial fleets and logistics vehicles in all cities by 2030 as per the economictimes report

What is the Electric scooter subsidy in Haryana 2022?

They offer subsidies on all EV vehicles including electric cars, hybrid cars, and two-three-wheelers,15% Subsidy for Electric two-three vehicles

Where is Haryana’s Official EV policy PDF?

Here is the Haryana Official EV policy PDF you can download this: WE get from compfie.

What is Haryana’s EV policy launch date?

Haryana EV policy launch on JULY 8, 2022

What is Delhi’s EV policy?

In New Delhi, the capital of India, the Delhi government has aimed to set up dedicated electric vehicles cell to boost up adoption of EVs.

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