Here’s the progress of Tesla’s first cathode factory in texas

Here’s the progress of Tesla’s first cathode factory in texas, On Friday
Joe Tegtmeyer, who flies drones over Gigafactory shares a video on Youtube, and shares some ḍphotos of cathode factory progress with some details.

Tesla first cathode factory in texas
Credit to the Joe Tegtmeyer

As you know that Tesla continues focus to secure battery supply that’s why frequently deals with giant battery manufacturers, but now Tesla now building its own “cathode Plant” in texas, with the aim to provide a cathode facility to customers.

Highlights of Cathode Project

At the Battery day event,2020 Elon Musk also shares a new “cathode chemistry” concept that will help tesla for simple and cheaper productions.

Musk also said that Tesla acquired this technology from a Canadian startup.

As Tesla already working on various projects, this is the unique concept that musk is more focused on building a cathode plant in Texas. with this musk also applied for building permission for its new battery plant.

Battery Day 2020

we learned from Joe Tegtmeyer, who flies a drone over the Gigafactory texas, he capture a new overview of the Cathode battery plant in texas, which is rising fast in progress. you also see the images below.

Talk about the “Cathode plant” area/ dimensions, it is 3 stories plant, this plant is not bigger than tesla’s main Gigafactory, Texas(4 million feet of a square ), it might be less than < 4 million sqrt, this plant is quite to the Gigafactroy, taxes, Austin, Tesla only reason is to manufacture cathode material at factory.

Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer

Senior vice president, the engineer, Drew Bagleno also shares views on the cathode factory in North America.

We’re gonna go and start building our own cathode facility in North America and leveraging all of the North American resources that exist for nickel and lithium, and just doing that, just localizing our cathode supply chain and production, we can reduce miles traveled by all the materials that end up in the cathode by 80%.

Drew Bagleno

Musk also signed an agreement with two giant battery manufacturers, piedmont lithium & Talon Metal to secure lithium & Nickel battery supply in North America.

Useful “Cathode Factory”

The Cathode plant is very beneficial for texas customers as well as tesla buyers also, the cathode material going into the battery cells will give tesla easy in production, this cathode facility will be available to the tesla holders very soon as per the automaker reports.

It is also expected that after the tesla cathode plant gets successful, Tesla planning to build several plants similar to the cathode concept.

Tesla first cathode factory in texas
Credit : Joe Tegtmeyer

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