Hero Optima CX Electric Scooter In Launched in India- Brochure Leaks

Hero Optima CX Electric Scooter In Launched in India-Broucher Leaks, Booking started.

Hero Optima CX Electric Scooter
Photo Credit Hero Electric

Hero Optima HX is offering two variants – Hero Optima CX & Hero Optima CX ER, Hero Electic also planning to upgrade its Optima CX series for 2022, and its brochure was leaked before its official launch as per the detail unveiled by the transport department website.

In this article, we will cover the component of Hero Optima CX 2022 in depth.

Hero Optima CX 2022 – Intro

The upcoming Hero Otima CX is quite similar to its predecessor optima HX bit but is different in terms of specs and power.

Hero Optima CX is 25% more powerful than its predecessor, also expecting that efficiency electric motor is 10% more compared to its previous one, has a top speed of 45km/h and required only 4 to 5 hours to get fully charged, the range will be increased as a result of a larger battery pack.

Photo Credit Hero Electric

Both variants are quite identical but different in terms of the battery pack offered by Hero – the Former has a single battery pack while the latter has a dual battery pack, all features are similar in both.

What Updates In Hero Optima CX 2022

Hero is planning to upgrade its optima CS for 2022, Hero Optima CX comes with extra power and high-efficiency motors that make the scooter powerful.

Hero Optima CX is 25% more powerful than its predecessor, efficiency of an electric motor is 10% more compared to its previous one and required only 4 to 5 hours to get fully charged, the range will be increased as a result of a larger battery pack.

Features Of Hero Optima CX Electric Scooter 2022

As per the Broucher report, Hero electric shares some upcoming features for Optima CX that we will discuss in this section.

Let us Talk about its front look

  1. Led Headlamp: It comes with a led headlamp that will provide users to ride safely even in the dark.
  2. Portal Battery: Hero provides a portable battery that helps us to detach the battery easily in the battery swapping station, office, and home. The portable battery inside Optima HX makes charging easy and convenient for users.
  3. Remote lock & Anti Theft Alarm: Hero also focuses on safety solutions for users. It provides extra safety that makes the ride secure with the optima HX remove lock & Anti-theft Alarm feature, you have it on your scooter.
  4. Regen Braking: It Converts the Kinetic energy lost during braking into stored energy in the vehicle battery, Now it is not that smart? detail: Regenerative braking is a way of taking the wasted energy from the process of slowing down a car and using it to recharge the car’s batteries. On a normal car, braking simply wastes energy – but with regenerative braking, some of the energy is able to be reused more…
  5. Alloy Wheels: Hero Provide Stylish Alloy wheels that not look good but also make scooters stylish and more attractive and provide a smooth ride.
  6. USB Port: In Scooter, you don’t worry about phone battery low problems you will get a plug in into the USB Port and charge your device any time while riding the vehicle.
  7. Telescopic Suspension: The Best part of the scooter is that it provides Telescopic Suspension that removes rough & bumpy rides & makes them smooth. brand said, “our-stat of art telescopic suspension ensures your ride should be Jerk-free and smooth”
  8. Digital Instrument cluster: You will also get a digital cluster that notifies your vehicle health and battery information.

Specification Of Hero Optima CX 2022 & CX ER

We will discuss all aspects in detail actual Parmenter that the company has mentioned.

We will compare both Scooters parallelly with their parameters like battery capacity, top speed, and time to fully charge more, and that is all we will discuss in this section

Parameter/specificationHero Optima CX (single battery pack)Hero Optima CX ER(dual battery pack)
Top Speed 45km/h45km/h
Battery Capacity/Rating 51.2v/30Ah51.2v/30Ah
Full charge4 to 5 hrs4 to 5 hrs
Motor Power550/1200watts550/1200watts
Cooling SystemN/AN/A
Registration requiredYesYes
Wheel Size12inch12inch
Cruise ControlYesYes
Cooling SystemN/AN/A
Tyre Size90/90-1290/90-12
Reverse AssistYesYes
PriceRs 62,190 Rs 77,490
Walk AssistYesYes

Colors In Hero Optima CX Electric Scooter 2022

Hero Electric offers three main colors for both Optima CX 2022 and Optima CX ER.

Photo Credit Hero Electric
Colors In Hero Optima CX

Price of Hero Optima CX Electric Scooter 2022

The pricing of both variants is different-

Hero Optima CX has a price of around Rs 62,190 for the single battery pack unit whereas Rs 77,490 for the dual battery pack (ex-showroom price).

Further Information You can also download Broucher of Hero Optima CX, which we provide below check it out now.


  • Price is after deducting Revised FAME 2 Subsidy.
  • Registration, Road Tax, Insurance, and accessories are excluded  Prices are subject to change without notice. Hero Electric Vehicles Private Limited reserves the right to modify the prices at its discretion.
  • Additional Subsidies are applicable in Delhi, Rajasthan, and Gujarat as per the state government directive. Please contact your nearest dealer. 
  • The amount would be credited by the State Transport Department directly to the customer account. We will get it from the official website visit.


What is the price of Hero ElectriHow many Hero Electric scooters are there?

There are 12 scooter models available from Hero Electric in India.

Is Hero Optima cx available in India?

Hero Electric Optima will be available soon in India.

Who is the CEO of Hero Electric?

Sohinder Singh Gill is the CEO of Hero Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd.

What is the price of Hero Electric Optima CX Dual Battery?

Hero Electric Optima CX Dual Battery Rs 77,490

Is Optima CX booking started?

Yes, you can book your optima CX and Delivery will take up to 60 days. Please contact your nearest dealer for delivery.

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