Tesla is demolishing and updating a production line in Fremont, possibly to launch a new Highland Tesla Model 3

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According to documents, Tesla is destroying and modernizing a production line in Fremont, possibly to launch the mass production of one of its redesigned car designs it might be HighLand Model 3w which was shown later.

On Thursday we get news from Teslarati that Tesla is destroying the “Multiple equipment, tool, and utilities” line at its Fremont Factory, tesla is not destroying the entire Line but updating and installing new equipment that is used in its Highland Tesla Model 3.

Tesla demolition some specific lines and set up a piece of new equipment that will be used in its upcoming vehicles, this restoration indicates that Tesla is changing the process of vehicle production and adding new lines as updation.

Although, Tesla is rewinding lines, doing some “improvements”, “upgradations” and “Revisions” not destroying the entire lines.

Automakers also expect Tesla is taking move forward with mass production of its highland Tesla Model 3 which was shown to have a different Front-end with the new LED headlamp design, this model is totally different from the existing model.

This news clearly shows that Tesla is planning for mass production of its new Highland Model 3 with new production lines.

As you know Model 3 was first built at the Fermont plant in 2017, after that it was built in Tesla Giga Shanghai in China.

“Rumors have recently suggested Tesla would build the new Model 3 there, but Tesla denied these rumors, which points the finger toward Fremont.”

Also, it expects that Fermont Factory will be the initial location of the Highland Model 3 production.

soon will tesla roll out its new Model 3 Highland in the coming months, date is not fixed but it takes time updates its Model 3.

Highland Tesla Model 3

Moreover, for manufacturing the Tesla Cybertruck pack, the facility has also built or changed battery manufacturing equipment during the past several months.

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